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2 x 600W DPA Series Mixer Amplifier

Series: Atlas

Model: DPA1202

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DPA Series amplifiers provide four output channel amplifiers with three models delivering up to 600-watts per channels. Each model can be used in 2-channel 70.7V, 4-channel 4 ohm, or 3-channel 70.7V and 4 ohms configurations making them incredibly flexible for a variety of installation types. Internal digital signal processing allows each model to be customized to maximize its performance. The DSP software is embedded in the amplifier and is accessible via a web user interface. DSP adjustments include I/O routing, high and low pass filters, EQ, output level adjustment, delay, and limiter. Additionally, input mute for both audio sense and contact closure, level control link assignments, and port assignment and output impedance can be configured in the software. Site manager software is available that allows network administrators to see all DPA amplifiers on the network for easy identification, set-up, and troubleshooting if necessary.
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