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AMX Announces Entire Enova DGX Line Is 4K Ready
Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Enova and Epica DGX Enclosures Ready to Support Today's Demanding Requirements, Tomorrow's Expanding Needs
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – February 4, 2014 – Solidifying its mission to create AV solutions for an IT world, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2014, AMX® announced that with the addition of two new Enova DGX Enclosures, it now offers an entire line of Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers (8x8 to 64x64) that are fully capable of supporting 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) content. For even larger switching requirements, AMX also announced its new Epica DGX 288 Customizable Matrix Switcher, which is also 4K Ready.
Ensuring that 4K content can be distributed is as simple as specifying or installing one of the several "just right" Enova DGX-sized enclosures. With Enova DGX solutions at the 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 size levels and the Epica DGX supporting up to 288x288 inputs/outputs, AMX has a market leading solution set for 4K ready digital media solutions small or large. And because all Enova DGX enclosures utilize exactly the same field replaceable, hot swappable input and output board sets, upgrades and system expansions will be simple for any sized enclosure, even if moving boards from one frame to the next. This underscores AMX support for IT infrastructures by providing extremely reliable solutions that can be serviced quickly and easily, even in the field.
As part of this commitment, AMX is introducing two new enclosure models – the Enova DGX 8 (AVS-ENOVADGX8-ENC-A) and Enova DGX 16 (AVS-ENOVADGX16-ENC-A) which provide 4K system readiness for the smaller-sized Enova DGX enclosures. Once shipping, these 4K-capable enclosures will replace the currently shipping 8 and 16-sized Enova DGX enclosures. While these new enclosures continue to utilize existing Enova DGX input and output boards, they are optimized and ready for 4K board solutions.
To ensure that 4K content can be distributed on a much larger scale, AMX also introduced the Epica DGX 288 featuring 288x288 distribution in a compact, 4K ready enclosure. The Epica DGX 288 is ideal for government and military installations, casinos, education campuses and other enterprise markets requiring secure, uncompressed, no latency video transmission of both analog and digital video including HDMI with HDCP. Epica DGX 288 inputs and outputs grow in 16 position input/output boards and feature individually field replaceable SFP fiber modules which help to ensure that constant uptime is achieved. The Enova DGX 288 enclosure is a technical marvel featuring standard redundant power supplies, field serviceable fan trays and a seriously compact form factor – its enclosure is just 1 RU bigger than the previous AMX Epica DGX 144.
By utilizing a fiber backbone, the Enova DGX and Epica DGX 288 switching systems can easily distribute HDCP compliant source content across entire campuses or between facilities separated by as much as 10 kilometers (six miles).
Availability and Additional Details
AMX demonstrated its new 4K and Ultra HD capable Enova DGX 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and Epica DGX 288x288 Enclosures in Booth 1-F6 at ISE 2014, February 4 - 6 in Amsterdam. The Enova DGX 32 Enclosure is now shipping globally. The new Enova DGX 8 and 16 Enclosures are expected to begin shipping in the US in May 2014 and globally in July 2014. The Enova DGX 64 Enclosure is expected to begin shipping in the US in April 2014 and globally in July 2014. The Epica DGX Enclosure 288 is expected to begin shipping in the US in Q3 - 2014 and globally in Q4 - 2014.