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AMX Elevates Higher Education Collaboration in Small Spaces by Introducing New Support Technologies
Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Mobile Device Screen Mirroring; Sophisticated yet Simple ControlPads and Enhanced Cloud-Based Configuration Tool Lead Tech Advances for Small Collaboration Spaces

Orlando, FL – September 30, 2014 – As part of its long-standing commitment to simplify technology management in higher education, HARMAN's AMX introduced the higher education market to its latest technologies designed to increase collaboration capabilities for students and educators. These include AMX Enzo screen mirroring of mobile device content, new AMX Massio ControlPads and new enhancements to the hugely popular with higher education, AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) Cloud-Based Configuration Resource. All of these products are being demonstrated in Booth #139 at this year's EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando.

The addition of screen mirroring to the Enzo Platform directly benefits university lecturers already enjoying Enzo collaboration capabilities with a reliable way to display their mobile device content onto the larger screen of a large classroom or lecture hall, no matter where in the room they are located. Screen mirroring can also be extremely beneficial to students who might be meeting in a smaller room to collaborate on a project and need to share their screen content with fellow students on a larger room display. Enzo's low maintenance, app-based platform is also a welcome addition for campus AV and IT managers. With no need to login, logout or update anything, there are essentially no hassles to deal with, which greatly reduces help desk calls and lets IT focus more time advancing university technology and less time maintaining it. Powered by industry-leading MirrorOp® wireless mobile content sharing technology, Enzo screen mirroring is immediately available for tablets, smartphones and laptops (Windows®/Mac® OS X).

To support the growing number of small classrooms and collaboration spaces that make up the bulk of the learning locations on today's campuses, AMX developed Massio ControlPads to meld the installation flexibility and affordability of wall/lectern mount keypads with the device and room control capabilities of a central controller. Available in 6-button and 8-button models that each feature a built-in AMX Controller, users have unrivaled control of AV, lighting, HVAC or other devices and systems. 8-button models also include a rotary control knob to enable quick adjustments of volume, lighting or other aspects. Massio is also extremely simple to for campus technology departments to install with PoE connectivity and requiring only a single Ethernet room drop. And to ensure they're as simple to configure as they are to use, Massio ControlPads can be configured, right out of the box using the AMX Rapid Project Maker (RPM) cloud-based configuration tool, with no programming required.

When RPM was first launched, it was designed to give integrators a simple, cloud-based configuration tool to speed up programming of multiple rooms that often feature similar or completely identical devices and functionality. University AV and IT managers were immediate early-adopters of RPM as well and quickly began taking advantage of its benefits to save hundreds and thousands of hours and dollars in programming time and effort to deploy multiple rooms in just minutes vs. hours The latest RPM, version 2.0, has been enhanced even further to include:
  • Dual Room Support – Cuts costs by using a single Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switcher to control two separate rooms Press Release
  • Multiple In-Room Control Panel Support – Empowers in-room control from up to four touch panels, sensors, scheduling panels and/or keypads
  • Support for AMX Enzo Platform – Launch applications, web pages, or any Enzo content directly from a touch panel, keypad or other control interface
  • Support for Video Signal Presence Macros – Connecting or disconnecting auxiliary video sources can trigger automation event macros
  • Support for AMX DXLink Distance Transport Point-to-Point Mode – Offers cost effective small room solution when using a standalone NetLinx Controller and point-to-point signal transport