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AMX Acquires Video Content Management Company, Launches IPTV Solution
Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008




LAS VEGAS – June 18, 2008

– AMX® announced today that it has acquired Atrium Group Developments Ltd., a UK-based software company providing video content management systems. As part of this acquisition, AMX also launched Atrium's seventh-generation IPTV solution. Re-branded Vision2 (pronounced Vision Two), the solution is a modular, fully-integrated video capture, management and broadcast system for delivering live, on-demand and/or scheduled video. AMX is demonstrating Vision2 in booth C2902 at InfoComm 2008, being held June 18 – 20 in Las Vegas.

"The Atrium team brings to AMX extensive expertise in video capture, management and distribution solutions, as well as an innovative, high-quality product offering that has been repeatedly proven over time. For example, one Fortune 500 customer is using the product to deliver video to more than 3,000 end points, while a government customer has successfully integrated the solution into an information analysis tool," said Rashid Skaf, AMX president and CEO. "With the addition of Vision2 to our product line, AMX can now provide our customers with more than just the hardware need to build a video distribution solution. By adding content management software to our portfolio, we are simplifying both the deployment and utilization of video throughout any organization."

"I speak on behalf of the entire Atrium team when I say that we are absolutely thrilled to join the AMX family," said Jonathan Sears-Corfield, Atrium CEO. "With access to AMX's sales and distribution channel, as well as its marketing organization, we will now be able to deploy our solution to organizations throughout the world - a dream I have personally had for nearly two decades."

Vision2 was developed by a team of broadcast engineers eighteen years ago, and it has been successfully deployed by a variety of high-profile customers in nearly every major vertical market. It is designed for commercial and residential properties needing a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use method for delivering video over IP.

Vision2 can capture, store, retrieve and distribute live and stored content via the Internet or an intranet. It is a complete video communications infrastructure that takes full advantage of: the decreasing cost associated with delivering content over category cable; the increasing popularity of the Internet; and the skyrocketing number of PCs both at work and home.

No matter how large or small, every Vision2 solution begins with the V2 Master - the content management engine that provides access to, and control of, the system. The solution is then built to meet the specific video needs of each application by mixing and matching the following five modules:

  • V2 Live – Captures, encodes, multicasts, unicasts or streams live video content in MPEG-2 or WMV formats. V2 Live can manage multiple hardware encoders, video capture cards and TV receivers. It also provides software encoding management for WMV requirements and the ability to re-broadcast or timeshift channels for delayed viewing.
  • V2 Record – Enables live video streams to be recorded. Once recorded, the video is stored in the V2Archive for future viewing.
  • V2 Archive – Allows the storage and management of videos in Flash, WMV, MPEG2 and MPEG4 format for future use. The stored content can then be used to build a V2 Producer channel and/or allow users to access it with V2 On Demand. V2 Archive includes an integrated search feature that allows contents to be found based on titles and metadata.
  • V2 Producer – Enables pre-recorded videos to be scheduled for timed playback via multicast or unicast on the Internet or an intranet. Its fully-functional program scheduler dynamically links and updates electronic program guides, which allow users to see which programs are playing at what time. V2 Producer can populate its schedules from the content stored in the V2 Archive to create your own network TV Channels.
  • V2 On Demand – Provides users with the ability to watch video content stored in the V2 Archive whenever they want. They access the V2 Archive via easy-to-use browsing and search facilities.


The Vision2 solution can be used in all of the vertical markets targeted by AMX. Application examples include:

  • Hotel TV – Provide guests with live TV or on-demand video in their guest rooms, enabling them to watch the programs they want when it is most convenient for them. This same solution can also deliver content to entertainment areas such as bars, lounges and pools.
  • Education TV – Archive lectures and videos so that students can view them via their PC. Provide live and on-demand TV to students and staff in classrooms, dorm rooms, computer labs and offices. One or more on-campus broadcast TV channels can also be created and produced.
  • Business and/or Government TV - Provide live TV and pre-recorded video – such as corporate videos, presentations, training and surveillance videos – directly to employees' PCs or displays installed throughout the building or campus – from lobbies, cafeterias and break rooms to call centers, trading floors and network operations/command and control centers.
  • Broadcast Web TV – Delivers everything broadcast networks, local bureaus, special interest broadcasters and houses of worship need to generate live and recorded video. As the video streams on the organization’s website in real-time, it can also automatically archive and publish as video on demand. The system administrator has complete control over how and when the content is distributed and can even manage thousands of videos, providing meta tags and thumbnails to help users search for the content they need.
  • Residential TV – Watch a favorite program on a TV live or on demand when it is most convenient for the homeowner. They can even access stored programs and videos from any Internet connection – whether at home or halfway around the world.