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Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2009


RICHARDSON, Texas – July 1, 2009 – AMX is voluntarily taking corrective action for rechargeable batteries for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) Wireless Touch Panels shipped prior to June 5, 2009. All new shipments and repaired units from AMX after this date are not affected.


Ongoing testing of the batteries for the 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panels (5100, 5150, 5200i) has revealed that touch panels left discharged for more than 3 to 6 months can potentially experience a “deep-discharge” condition which may result in a swollen battery in a small percentage of units.


If you or your customers have any inventory in stock (touch panels and/or batteries), please do not ship these touch panels or batteries to end users; instead, please return them to AMX for replacement. AMX will replace existing batteries with the enhanced version.


As to batteries in the field with your end users, there will be a three-fold response.


First, any 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panel (5100, 5150, 5200i) showing evidence of a swollen battery, either by a bulging of the touch panel enclosure or by exhibiting “haloing” or other distortion in the display, should be immediately returned to AMX for replacement of the unit. For any of these touch panels showing signs of a swollen battery, the end user should be advised to immediately discontinue use and remove the panel from charging. Recharging a swollen battery, mishandling a swollen battery, or compression of a unit with a charged swollen battery may cause the battery to rupture which has the potential risk for damage or injury. Dealers need to discharge the touch panel before returning to AMX for replacement.


Second, for touch panels not showing evidence of a swollen battery, AMX will make available a firmware upgrade for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels that will notify the end user if their panel has experienced a condition that might lead to a swollen battery and will advise the end user to discontinue use, stop recharging and immediately return the touch panel for replacement of the battery pack. This firmware upgrade will be available at: on or before July 22, 2009.


Finally, although there have been a very small number of units returned, AMX as a further precaution will also replace all the batteries at no cost for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels not showing signs of swollen battery as covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, 2009. The battery replacement process will be done in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or appropriate international agency within the coming months.


At any time Dealers have the option to return these affected touch panels for a battery replacement at no cost. Additionally, AMX will restart the warranty on all 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels upon battery replacement covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, 2009.


AMX thanks you in advance for your speedy and thorough implementation of this customer service program. Any questions or concerns regarding this program should be directed to the regional AMX Technical Support office at and reference “XPX5000B