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AMX Veteran Named to Specialized InfoComm Task Force
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Task Force to Tackle AV Industry's Escalating Involvement in Integrated Building Technology

RICHARDSON, Texas - June 7, 2011 - AMX®, the leading provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, announced today that AMX and AV industry veteran Michael Carter has been appointed to the InfoComm Integrated Building Technologies (IBT) Task Force. The IBT Task Force will take on the AV industry's deepening incorporation with other systems and technologies in today's buildings. The unified control approach for optimizing corporate sustainability has been a central focus of research and development at AMX for years.
According to an InfoComm International® press release: "The InfoComm Board of Directors has approved and funded an Integrated Building Technologies Task Force. It has been charged to describe and define how AV can be a component of Integrated Building Technologies. IT, Security, Lighting, AV and Building Controls are among technologies to be considered as part of IBT. The Task Force will identify groups from other industries that are working on IBT and the status of their efforts. It will also identify barriers of adoption which have historically prohibited project teams from realizing the goals of IBT."
Speaking of the appointment, Carter, AMX Director of Technical Sales said: "I am honored to be appointed to the InfoComm Integrated Buildings Technology Task Force. As a 30 year member of the AV community, I'm proud to be a part of AMX's sustained commitment and contribution to unified control and look forward to helping drive this important issue of creating more energy-efficient, intelligent buildings. I believe bringing together key stakeholders from a variety of businesses and industries — so we all understand the challenges — will help InfoComm lead this charge."
Carter is a former member of the InfoComm Standards Steering Committee, a program that establishes the audio-visual industry's fundamental systems design, performance, and management criteria. He also served on the Systems Interface Power Switching Task Group.
"As a global leader in integrated systems, AMX has been working with other manufacturers like FieldServer and DENT to bridge AMX platforms with protocols found in building management such as BACnet® and LonWorks® to enable interaction with HVAC, lighting, security, fire systems and power meters," adds Carter. "Together with companies like these AMX is delivering intelligent, automated building platforms, like our Resource Management Suite®, that is greatly improving efficiencies, sustainability and simplified whole building management."
The IBT Task Force is comprised of members who are representative of AV integrators, consultants, programmers, manufacturers, and other industry segments.