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AMX Realizes Meeting Presenters' Dreams with Real-time Streaming Video Source Preview
Posted on Monday, July 2, 2012
Modero X Series Panoramic Interface Elevates Dream Further with Mobile Device-Like Ease
RICHARDSON, Texas – July 02, 2012 – AMX®, the leading provider of solutions that simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments, today announced two new accessories, the Modero X® Series Multi Preview (MXA-MP) and the Modero X Series Multi Preview Live (MXA-MPL). The MXA-MP delivers preview images from as many as 10 video sources to Modero X Series Touch Panels and the MXA-MPL adds live HD video streaming. By having source images lined up side by side, easily slid one direction or another with a swipe, the user experience is greatly simplified. The user doesn't have to know what content is on "PC 1" or "Laptop 2." They can instead, visualize the content and eliminate the guesswork.
The experience and the convenience for users that Multi Preview offers was one of the key factors that inspired the low profile design of the Modero X Series Touch Panels and the development of the ultra-wide panoramic interface. AMX studied the meeting room marketplace to closely understand how to best support users. The solution was finding a way to integrate the success that the world had clearly shown in its adoption of the mobile phone and tablet touch interface into the conference room.
"We created an ultra-low, ultra-wide panel and interface that would not obstruct the view between presenters and attendees but more importantly, would give them the ability to view several source preview windows in a side-by-side row," said Eric Neilson, AMX Senior Product Manager. "But we needed a way for presenters to be able to quickly access those source windows and we thought, why not give them what they already love and are comfortable using - the ease of swiping, gesturing and gliding on their tablets from our touch panel."
This revelation led to the creation of Multi Preview. Depending on how users choose to have their interface configured, they can then touch their chosen preview window and have that source's video output immediately show on the meeting room screen or display. Additionally, the selected source's function controls also automatically appear on the touch panel to allow the presenter to control the device as needed. And even though Multi Preview updates static source preview images every few seconds, Multi Preview Live offers the added capability to preview full, live streaming video from one of your sources as well.
According to AMX Chief Technology Officer Robert Noble; "Usability is a major factor driving the success of smartphones and tablets, and integrating that usability into our touch panels was at the top of the list in our design of the X Series. Integrating those kinds of capabilities opened up all kinds of cool opportunities. Multi Preview is just one of the first of many new features that capitalize on this functionality and we believe, will reinvent the way meetings are run."
The MXA-MP and MXA-MPL are designed for use with Modero X Series Touch Panels and easily integrate with Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers and Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers. Both feature HDMI video inputs, HDMI pass-through video output and deliver JPEG preview images. The units support AMX's SmartScale™ technology with input resolutions up to 1280 x 720p. Both pass an Ethernet connection to the Modero X Series without the need for a dedicated IP address. In addition, the MXA-MPL adds video streaming and analog video input support to Modero X Series Touch Panels.
Orders are currently being accepted for the Modero X Series Multi Preview. It began shipping June 1, 2012. The Multi Preview Live will be available shortly in 3Q 2012.