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AMX Teleports Enterprise Customers to New Worlds in Scheduling
Posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meeting Room Efficiency Skyrockets with Addition of Scheduling in Newest Resource Management Suite (RMS) Version 4.1

RICHARDSON, Texas – December 19, 2012 – AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise Software just got better with the addition of a new scheduling interface feature, now available with RMS Enterprise, version 4.1. This new release has the power to significantly improve efficiency and cut costs in business, government and education. Every year, millions of cumulative man hours are lost in getting meetings to start on time, getting technology to work and in searching for available meeting rooms. RMS Enterprise 4.1 is the solution.
The scheduling feature in the new RMS 4.1 makes end users more efficient by ensuring that meeting rooms and technology are ready to support and drive the meeting before it begins. Once a room has been reserved, RMS 4.1 will notify the room's AMX Enova DVX or other integrated controller to configure the room and support devices. For a typical meeting, the projector will be powered and the screen lowered, the PC is powered up, a video conference bridge is executed and room lighting will be adjusted appropriately. When attendees enter the room, technology is already configured and ready to go, saving time and money. And if the room was reserved or the meeting was initiated using an AMX Modero X Series Touch Panel, the presenter's NFC-enabled ID badge can uniquely identify him/her on the touch panel and configure the room to that presenter's pre-defined requirements.
Scheduling via RMS 4.1 eliminates the wasted time and associated costs spent searching for available rooms that other not so smart systems will show occupied. By working with each room's control system, it is intelligently monitoring occupancy, lighting and other sensors to determine when those rooms actually become vacant when a meeting turns into a no show or ends early. In these cases, these rooms will immediately show available in Exchange and the most popular scheduling systems. It will also update, in real time, calendars being displayed on touch panels located outside of the rooms and even visually announce room status from down the hall by illuminating the touch panel accordingly. If RMS 4.1 determines that the room will not be used at night, weekends or other extended periods, it can cut costs further by ensuring that all projectors, PCs, and other power hungry equipment are powered down, lights are shut off and climate controls are adjusted.
The benefits of RMS room scheduling were recently touted in the case study Rabobank Takes an Intelligent Approach to Energy Conservation with AMX - "This innovative system allows intelligent building automation to be realized by having all components interact according to a range of pre-established parameters for energy consumption, scheduled occupancy, and much more. Using sensors, the AMX system is able to detect if a pre-booked meeting room is in fact occupied and make the room available. If a room remains empty, the system will automatically power-down the equipment and environmental systems accordingly, to save energy and resources."
Availability and Additional Details
RMS Enterprise works in virtually any office or educational environment because it integrates with the most popular scheduling systems.