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AMX Wows Market with Enzo, the Simplest, Fastest Way to Access, Present and Share Information during Meetings
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Meeting Room Game Changer Significantly Reduces the Hassles, Maintenance and Costs Associated with Meeting Room PCs ORLANDO, Florida – June 12, 2013 – At InfoComm 2013, AMX unveiled Enzo™, a revolutionary meeting room solution that makes presenting and sharing information easy, quick and completely painless. Imagine being able to access, present and share information in mere seconds rather than having to go through the painstaking obstacle course of powering up the PC, logging in, accessing the network, and so on. And when your meeting is over, with Enzo, there's no logging out, no system updating to wait on and all files are instantly purged so there's no chance of them being left on the machine or accessible to someone else. That is the promise that Enzo delivers. Enzo takes away the hassles associated with retrieving content needed for presentations that might be stored on a USB or cloud drive, a web page or really just about anywhere. Unlike a PC, when you need to access information, everything is basically instant - instant on, instant access, instant sharing and instant file purge. You'll also have the added convenience of instant control and automation, just by connecting Enzo to an AMX control system. And similar to other solutions in the AMX ecosystem, Enzo will be a refreshing addition for your IT department because it eliminates PC-related maintenance costs and annoyances like viruses, OS updates, login requirements, and guest network access requests. And meeting attendees no longer have to physically bring their files to the meeting. With Enzo, they now have the option of loading their files to a Dropbox cloud folder before the meeting. Then during the meeting, users can simply scan a QR code to access, present and share presentation documents. When the presentation is over, there are never any worries about files remaining on the machine or someone else having access to them – the link to the Dropbox folder is broken, purging the files. Availabilty and Additional Details Enzo is being demonstrated June 12 - 14 in AMX Booth 2216 during InfoComm 2013, being held in Orlando, Florida. Enzo is expected to ship December 2013.