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"Hole" Solution for Projector Systems
Posted on Friday, October 31, 2008


"Hole" Solution for Projector Systems
Improved Patent Pending PA702 Pole-Mount Amp from Atlas Sound Now Shipping

PHOENIX, AZ, October 31, 2008 – Atlas Sound is proud to announce it is now shipping the PA702 and PA702-W pole-mount amplifier systems for secure and simplified projector installations. The PA702 amplifiers, now available in black or white, are a part of the Strategy Series of amplifiers from Atlas Sound and are an innovative solution for display systems that require local amplification.

"Since the first projector was pole mounted in a ceiling, there has been a real quandary about how to best provide local sound reinforcement," says Steve Young, VP of Sales and Marketing. "The PA702 solves this problem by being pole mount just like the projector itself!"

Continued product development and advancement from its initial showing in June include the addition of the popular white color and increased flexibility with the ability to mix inputs. By offering two color options the PA702 blends in better with multiple room options, lighter color ceilings or black projectors for example, for a more cosmetically appealing design. Also the PA702 is built with balanced phoenix style and unbalanced RCA input connections that now can be mixed using a level control. This running improvement allows better management of a system's source inputs and helps reduce potential ground-loop problems.

The PA702's unique patent pending mounting system allows mounting-pole access through the amplifier via a sealed hole incorporated into the chassis design. Simply install the projector mounting pole, align the amplifier chassis hole with the 1.5" mounting tube, and clamp the unit at the desired height above the projector mount with the innovative pole clamp system included with the PA702. Afterwards, install the projector as normal.

As a side benefit, the chassis "hole" mounting system provides the necessary security for preventing theft. Output is a strong 70 watts x 2 from the efficient rail tracking Class A/B and switch mode power supply technology. Aside from the chassis design, the PA702 includes a host of other innovative features including an accessory outlet with AC current sensing that allows the amplifier to respond instantly from stand-by mode when the projector is powered on remotely. Other features include: separate audio sensing turn-on, the balanced phoenix style and unbalanced RCA input connections with level control and mixer trim control, front panel status LEDs, and recessed screwdriver adjustable tone and level controls. The slim profile chassis is also designed to work in a rack mount configuration. The optional rack mount kit allows single or dual mounting of the PA702 in a 1RU high configuration.

"I think dealers and end users will find that our new PA702 pole mount amplifiers are simply a more elegant solution," continued Young. "This pioneering design demonstrates how Atlas Sound is dedicated to providing easy to install, easy to use products for today’s complex problems."