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The Atlas Power Subdivision of Atlas Sound Offers Eight New Power Management Models
Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2009
The Atlas Power Subdivision of Atlas Sound Offers Eight New Power Management Models


Atlas Power Expands
The Atlas Power Subdivision of Atlas Sound Offers
Eight New Power Management Models
(PHOENIX, AZ, USA)— Atlas Power and the Mitek Communications Group have expanded their line of power management solutions to include a total of eight new products for InfoComm 2009. The Atlas Power additions include an electrical control sequencer (ECS-6RM), four electrical control modules (ECM-20M, ECM-20, ECM-15SH, and ECM20SH), a six-module raceway housing (ECM-RACEWY6), a remote control activation panel (ECS-KSW6), and XLR gooseneck lamp (AP-GNL18).
The ECS-6RM is a new power sequencer with six timing sections and remote monitoring. It features six independent contact closures and connections for six independent Atlas Power ECM modules that can be placed up to 1000ft away. These sequenced outputs allow equipment to be powered ON/OFF in a particular order, to eliminate an in rush of current and audible pops that often occur with non-sequenced power strips. The system module’s multi-tiered power conditioning circuitry also protects against voltage surges and eliminates fuzzy video or audible static common to unfiltered electronics. The ECS-6RM also features an external switch and DCV sequence trigger activation, as well as an abnormal AC line indicator for voltages between 102V-107V and 128V-132V. An Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) precaution engages during dangerous conditions below 102V or above 132V. An LED gooseneck lamp is included and the unit features both front and rear XLR connections for additional LED lamps (AP-GNL18) that provide illumination options for dark rack mount applications and equipment ease of use.
Four control modules are available to provide flexible power conditioning, AC spike suppression, and control as standalone units or in conjunction with Atlas Power ECS sequencers. The ECM-20SH and ECM-15SH are single housing units for 20A and 15A lines respectively while the ECM-20M and ECM-20 are designed for use together in the ECM-RACEWY6 six-module raceway. All four modules feature 2 outlets that support AC spike and surge suppression, AC mains voltage monitoring, EVS circuitry, and remote activation. The ECM-20M, ECM-20SH and ECM-15SH also support current monitoring and EMI/RFI filtering for applications where they are used individually.
The ECM-RACEWY6 is the housing that supports up to six ECM-20 or ECM-20M modules. Complete with electrical conduit knockouts and blank plates (2 included) if fewer than six modules are needed, the raceway can be mounted into most racks that have at least 60” internal height. Breakaway mounting tabs make it convenient to secure the raceways in most applications.
The ECS-KSW6 is a single gang electrical cover plate that works in conjunction with the ECS-6RM system controller. It provides remote activation of the ECS-6RM sequenced equipment remotely, hundreds of feet away from the main equipment rack. The attractive brushed stainless steel wall plate features six bi-color LED red/green indicators for constant status monitoring and activation by momentary key switch for added security. Finally, the AP-GNL18 16” gooseneck LED lamp provides rack illumination with an XLR input for connection to Atlas Power sequencers and conditioners. 
“We are very excited for the release of these eight new Atlas Power products,” said Steve Young, VP of Sales and Marketing for Atlas. “After a very successful launch of the first new Atlas Power models last year, these legitimize the Atlas name in the power management field. We’ve been the driving force in the importance of power conditioning, sequencing, et al for some time and now we can offer a complete, top-of-the-line solution with numerous models designed to work together.”