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Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009



– Belden (NYSE: BDC), a world leader in the development of signal transmission solutions for the enterprise, industrial, data center, building management, broadcast, and security markets, is pleased to announce that customers now have the option of specifying Belden’s exclusive Bonded-Pair technology across its full line of enterprise network cabling solutions.

Belden Bonded-Pair Cables feature a patented design that bonds the individual connectors along their longitudinal axis. This construction guarantees that each pair will maintain extremely uniform spacing and concentricity throughout its service life – a key factor in maintaining consistently high electrical performance and long-term reliability.

Because of its robust engineering and unique construction, Belden Bonded-Pair Cable is better able to withstand the cable handling stresses – such as stretching, pulling and bending around corners – which typically occur during installation and maintenance and can cause degradation of electrical performance over time. Belden Bonded-Pair Cables provide improved return loss, and balance performance. Superior transverse conversion loss (TCL), capacitance unbalance and resistance unbalance yields less modal conversion. The result is less susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in noisy environments.

According to Paul Kish, Belden’s Director, Systems and Standards, these advantages make Belden Bonded-Pair Cables and Modular Cords especially suited for demanding high-density and mission-critical installations in which top-quality performance and reliability are paramount. "The integrity of the cabling system – and, indeed, the entire network – depends on the performance and reliability of the cables transmitting the signals," he notes. "Many of our customers who have deployed Bonded-Pair Cables report that they have experienced greater peace of mind, with maximum network uptime, less trouble-shooting, and a lower overall cost of ownership."

One such customer, J. Christine Cerny, Manager, Enterprise Networking for Community Health Network, reports: "In our hospitals, installs can be challenging, but we have used Belden Bonded-Pair Cable for years and have continued to see consistent electrical performance from connector to connector."

Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair construction is now available in the following Enterprise Networking product lines:

• Belden 10GX®, 4800, 2400 and 1200 Cables

Belden highly recommends its Bonded-Pair Cables and Modular Cords for demanding network infrastructures, such as data centers, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, government agencies, transportation hubs, research centers, industrial facilities, and any other installation where downtime is simply not an option.


Belden 10GX Cables Now Available in Bonded-Pair Design – and Belden DataTwist® 600e Cables Renamed DataTwist 4800 Cables

Belden’s family of 10GX Cables is now available in Bonded-Pair, as well as Nonbonded-Pair versions. An integral part of the Belden IBDN System 10GX, the cables are ideal for use in high-density data centers, and high-speed Local Area Networks (LANs), for demanding applications such as 10GBASE-T transmission, and Broadband Video transmission up to 860 MHz.

In addition, Belden recently rebranded its highly successful line of DataTwist 600e UTP Cables as DataTwist 4800 Bonded-Pair Cables. DataTwist 4800 Cables are available in both Bonded-Pair and Nonbonded-Pair constructions. They are an integral part of the Belden IBDN System 4800, the industry’s most powerful Category 6 networking solution.

For more information about Belden Bonded-Pair Technology, request the new Capabilities Bulletin (CB006); for 10GX Cables, request New Product Bulletin #297; and for DataTwist 4800 Cables, request New Product Bulletin #296.

Contact Belden, at P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47375, 1.800.BELDEN.1. FAX: 765.983.5294. Or download the information at our Web site:

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