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Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2009



– Belden (NYSE: BDC), a world leader in the development of signal transmission products for the enterprise, industrial, data center, building management, broadcast and security markets, has introduced the Banana Peel plenum DS-3 and DS-4 series of coax cables. These new bundled products feature Belden’s patented Banana Peel composite cable construction to reduce installation time and labor.

The composite cables are specifically designed for digital signal interconnect and cross-connect applications in telco central offices and data centers, as well as other large complex installations with data/telecom plenum cable runs requiring DS-3/DS-4 signaling. They are available in two sizes, 26 AWG (735A plenum-rated) and 20 AWG (734A plenum-rated), and both sizes are offered in a 3-count and a 6-count configuration.

The great ease of installation of these coax products is derived from Belden’s proprietary Banana Peel cable construction, a design feature that eliminates the outer jacket to achieve a smaller outer diameter, as compared to that of similarly bundled cables. This smaller size is a critical factor in tight or densely-packed plenum spaces. Belden’s DS-3 and DS-4 cables consume significantly less space in equipment closets and equipment racks - wherever cable density is high.

The absence of an outer jacket also improves the cable’s bend radius, making it possible to use a smaller sized conduit. Traditional bundled coax cables are notoriously stiff, especially when rated for plenum use, and the jackets of CMP-rated cables are typically difficult to strip for termination. However, Belden’s new central office DS-3 and DS-4 coax bundles are markedly more flexible overall than jacketed versions. Additionally, instead of using a fluoropolymer jacket that would make the individual coaxes difficult to dress, Belden’s new cables feature PVC Flamarrest® individual jackets that are much easier to strip and terminate.

Elimination of the outer jacket cuts out a whole step from the termination process. The user simply peels the individual cables off the center spline and terminates. All in all, the Banana Peel construction opens the door to a faster installation and a savings in time, money and space in plenum runs. There is no need to pull several cables individually.

In addition to being compliant with Telcordia GR-139-CORE, these new cables are UL-listed to NEC and CEC type CMP. They are compatible with standard connectors and feature a silver-plated copper conductor where specified.

For more information about the Banana Peel Plenum DS-3 and DS-4 Coax Cables, ask for New Product Bulletin #291 by contacting Belden, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47375, 1.800.BELDEN.1. FAX: 765.983.5294. Or visit:

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