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Biamp makes the world's most extraordinary audio and video solutions, delivering, managing and enhancing professional audio and video for the most effective and natural communications possible. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Model: TesiraLUX OH-1

The TesiraLUX OH-1 is an AVB video decoder that includes one HDMI 2.0 port. It outputs eight channels of embedded PCM audio and includes two mic/line level analog outputs.
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Community Launches Weather-Resistant I SERIES
Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Community Launches Weather-Resistant I SERIES

Community expands the system design versatility of its flagship I SERIES Engineered Loudspeaker Systems with Weather-Resistant models of its I SERIES 800-Level and 600-Level loudspeakers.

In contrast to fiberglass-covered wood enclosures which entail long manufacturing lead times, I SERIES weather-resistant loudspeakers feature enclosures made with Community’s breakthrough PolyGlas™ technology. These Mil Spec 810G-tested PolyGlas™ cabinets reduce lead times considerably and are virtually immune to the destructive effects of moisture and temperature cycling.

I SERIES durable and attractive PolyGlas™ cabinets are constructed from a dense structural-grade composite embedded with dual layers of fiberglass cloth and are built for a lifetime of performance outdoors.  Finished cabinets are heavily coated with exterior-grade grey paint and a UV-resistant top coat, while dual-layer powder-coated marine-grade aluminum grilles backed with NeverWet™-treated acoustic fabric provide additional protection for the inherently weather-resistant drivers.  In acoustic performance and physical appearance, the finished PolyGlas™ cabinets are nearly indistinguishable from traditional indoor loudspeaker systems with wood enclosures.  Custom color options and color-matched stainless steel accessory U-Brackets are available for all Weather-Resistant I SERIES models.

All I SERIES loudspeakers are made in the USA at Community’s headquarters in Chester, Pennsylvania.