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Biamp makes the world's most extraordinary audio and video solutions, delivering, managing and enhancing professional audio and video for the most effective and natural communications possible. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Model: TesiraLUX OH-1

The TesiraLUX OH-1 is an AVB video decoder that includes one HDMI 2.0 port. It outputs eight channels of embedded PCM audio and includes two mic/line level analog outputs.
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Biamp Launch – One-Touch Audio Optimization Certified for Microsoft Teams
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Biamp Launch – One-Touch Audio Optimization Certified for Microsoft Teams

Dec. 13, 2023 - Subpar audio performance often threatens the effectiveness of virtual collaboration. The villain? A cacophony of acoustic variables and inadequate room solutions that leave companies struggling to achieve consistent audio quality. Fortunately, Biamp Launch—certified for Microsoft Teams—is a powerful ally, ready to combat these challenges.

The advanced processing intelligence in Biamp Launch brings numerous advantages to conferencing spaces of all types and sizes. The technology utilizes the room’s peripheral devices to measure and tune the space, analyzing the unique acoustical environment and adapting it to perform to the audio standards set forth by Microsoft Teams Rooms specifications. By measuring key audio parameters like room reverberation, room noise, and speaker tunings, Launch optimizes audio performance with unprecedented precision.

That precision is further enhanced by another remarkable feature of Biamp Launch: the report card. After each optimization, a comprehensive breakdown is generated to not only recap the Launch process, but also as a historical record, allowing users to track the performance of their audio systems over time. As the Launch process progresses, it communicates with users through audible recognition of the steps it was taking. It provides real-time feedback on the system’s performance, offering a pre and post grading of the audio quality in the room.

The advantages of Biamp Launch are even more evident when compared to the traditional approach of modifying the acoustics of a space. Such modifications often involve significant expense and can impact the aesthetic look of the room. Consequently, integrators are required to not only spend significant time planning the components for each room, but to also devote considerable post-installation time tuning the audio performance in a conference room using standard trial-by-error methods. And despite all that time and effort, the resulting audio quality often leaves much to be desired.

In contrast, Launch offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution, delivering exceptional audio performance without the need for major structural changes.

Biamp Launch delivers numerous advantages to conferencing spaces:

  • Automatic room tuning to optimize audio performance in any room without user intervention
  • Detailed post-tuning reports showcasing before and after acoustic performance
  • Lightning-fast commissioning time, tuning devices in under three minutes
  • Consistent performance, delivering superior audio regardless of room acoustics
  • Audible recognition and real-time feedback during the optimization process

No longer burdened by the constraints of traditional AV component specification, AV integrators have newfound freedom in Biamp Launch’s unmatched ease of installation and unparalleled audio quality. The days of settling for borderline-adequate room solutions are over.

But the story doesn’t end there. As the only certified “one-touch” audio optimization technology for Microsoft Teams, Biamp Launch stands as the ultimate hero in the battle for extraordinary audio performance.

And we’ve met the increasing demand by integrating Launch in product families beyond TesiraFORTÉ X DSPs, including Parlé conferencing bars and Devio conference room hubs.

In an increasingly connected world, the importance of seamless communication and collaboration through the Microsoft Teams UC platform cannot be overstated. And now, with a simple push of a button on even more industry-leading conference room products, Biamp Launch has changed how integrators and their customers experience Microsoft Teams Rooms in the US and around the world.

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