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Model: TesiraCONNECT TC-5

TesiraCONNECT is a 5-port expansion device for Biamp conferencing products. At the center of every Biamp conference room, the TesiraCONNECT provides power and media streaming for Biamp components.
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Community Sound Clear and Controlled for Exclusive TATOI Club's Tennis Complex
Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Specialist integrator, Athens-based A.B.A.S. (Automation Broadcasting Audio Security) has recently installed Community loudspeaker systems for the play and spectator areas of the outdoor and indoor tennis courts at the exclusive TATO? Club.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Varibobi, a short drive northeast of Athens, the TATO? Club is rated as one of the best tennis academies in Greece. The comprehensive venue caters for the complete well-being of members with spa, beauty, swimming, physiotherapy and nutrition centers. The center also comprises indoor and outdoor restaurants, meeting and conference rooms.

All of the TATO? Club tennis courts adhere to strict international guidelines for hosting tournaments of all sizes and levels, offering the best possible training methods and amenities. Special emphasis is given to on-court training and complete training support, which includes nutritional monitoring, regular ergometric exams as well as physiotherapy and medical support.

A.B.A.S. designed the club’s audio systems around ATEÏS network processors for compliance with EN-60849 standards. For the club’s 18 tennis courts, A.B.A.S. chose Community’s two-way, horn loaded, coaxial R.25 loudspeakers to meet the requirement for the highest intelligibility with well-defined dispersion. The loudspeakers were additionally required to meet the all-weather needs of the application. A.B.A.S. installed Monacor amplifiers to drive the Community loudspeakers.

“The Community R.25 stood out as the best solution for audio quality and intelligibility,” explained Kostas Drosos from A.B.A.S. “The system is mainly used for speech messages and music distribution and the main tennis courts are addressed individually, so pattern control was very important to minimize spill to adjacent courts. The R.25 is very compact and its availability in black made it aesthetically ideal for mounting on the black lighting poles of the courts. The R.25’s extreme all-weather resistance and long term reliability will also ensure the system will remain looking and sounding good.”