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Black Box Introduces “Pay as You Grow” Stackable Locker System For Mobile Device Storage & Charging
Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, June 11, 2014 —Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX), technology solutions provider dedicated to helping customers design, build, manage, and secure their IT infrastructure, today expanded its portfolio of storage and charging solutions for mobile devices with a new “pay as you grow” stackable locker system. Called the iPad®, Chromebook®, Tablet, and Laptop Lockers, these highly configurable, secure, and stackable lockers feature the company’s signature IT cabinet design, so they can accommodate standard 19" rack IT equipment in addition to all sizes of tablets and other mobile devices. Developed as an alternative to more expensive, high-capacity storage solutions, the Black Box stackable locker system allows customers to purchase what they need today with the flexibility to stack additional lockers up as they add devices. The stackable configuration ensures that the footprint remains small.

The system is designed for any environment where mobile or e-learning devices are stored: K-12 institutions, training environments, restaurants for wait staff to place wireless orders, airlines for digital flight and maintenance manuals, and medical professionals who use devices at the point of care for patient records, treatment, and disease diagnosis.

Each locker cube holds 10 devices, with dividers that keep them upright and protected from each other. Slots measure 9.35"H x 1.36"W x 15"D (23.75 x 3.45 x 38.1 cm) to accommodate all types and sizes of devices. For charging, each locker cube also includes a UL® approved power strip with a 15-amp circuit breaker.

The new stackable locker system features several technologies unique to Black Box. For instance, a user-friendly cable management system with rapid wiring technology reduces wiring installation time by 75% and keeps wires neat. A locking removable rear access panel allows users to remove the cable management bar completely, work on the wiring on a table or other work surface, and then replace the panel on the locker. The company’s safety-first design, particularly important for the K-12 classroom, eliminates protruding or sharp edges and internalizes electrical components to help prevent potential injuries or accidents.

Options Allow Custom Configurations and Increased Storage, Functionality and Mobility:
An optional base storage drawer can store peripherals, thumb drives, and extra cables. The drawer quickly attaches to a locker using only four screws. An optional laminate top creates a smooth work surface. Optional casters, which attach directly to the bottom unit (locker or drawer), make the whole stackable configuration mobile. Locker cubes and drawers can be stacked up to 82 inches high (four lockers), accommodating up to 40 devices in a small footprint. With casters, lockers can be stacked two units high, accommodating 20 devices.

“Black Box iPad, Chromebook, Tablet, and Laptop Lockers are great for customers whose needs may change in the future. As more devices are needed, customers can purchase a single locker cube and integrate it into their existing setup, rather than purchasing an expensive, new, high-capacity storage solution,” said Justin Schaeffer, product manager. “Our new stackable locker solution joins our existing laptop carts for mobile device charging and storage. Like the lockers, the carts have a ‘buy it once, own it for life’ flexible technology that allows carts to change as devices change.”

The Black Box product selector makes it easy to find the best charging and storage solution, whether it’s the stackable locker system or cart system: .

Pricing & Availability: Pricing starts at $449.95 for a 10-unit locker cube and ranges up to $1,549.95 for a 40-unit locker system (4 cubes). Options include laminate tops, storage drawers and casters. The lockers include a lifetime warranty, and the power strips include a three-year warranty.

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