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Black Box - LIC024A-R3
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Fast Ethernet (100-Mbps) Industrial Media Converter - 10/100-Mbps Copper to 100-Mbps Singlemode Fiber, Hardened Temperature, 1310nm, 40km, ST

Series: MultiPower Miniature

Model: LIC024A-R3

  • Compliant to EN62368
  • Operates in temperatures from -13 to +158°F
  • Includes clips for mounting on DIN rails
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This ultra-compact, plug-and-play converter offers multiple power options, including support for the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard. Plus, the Industrial MultiPower Media Converter is designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

In all, there are four different ways to power the converter: with its AC adapter, using 5 - 50-VDC terminal block power, via an optional USB Power Adapter Cable (which you plug into your PC's USB port and is sold separately), or over a PoE link.

You can even use multiple power options at the same time to provide maximum redundancy and ensure that your mission-critical applications remain up and running. For instance, you can connect a converter to power sourcing equipment (PSE) for PoE while also using AC adapter power, DC terminal block power, and USB bus power. Then, if any one of these power sources fails, the other sources will continue to supply power to the converter seamlessly.

You can also connect a PSE switch to an uninterruptible power supply to ensure that the switch and each connected media converter always have power.

The converter comes with DIN clips, so you can attach it to a DIN rail. When installing multiple Industrial MultiPower Media Converters on a DIN rail, use one DC input source, then cascade from one DC block to the next until you reach the maximum current available.
NOTE: The included AC power adapter doesn't work with the earlier version of this converter (LIC024A).

This product works with:
USB Power Adapter Cable (LHC021A)
Power Tray (LHC018A-AC-R2)
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  • Compliant to EN62368
  • Operates in temperatures from -13 to +158°F
  • Includes clips for mounting on DIN rails
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