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Christie Helps Ecuador Celebrate its Independence Day
Posted on Monday, September 28, 2015

CYPRESS, Calif. – (September 28, 2015) – The Ecuadorian rental & staging company 3Laserrecently produced a spectacular projection mapping display on the façade of Carondelet Palace in Quito, the seat of the government of the Republic of Ecuador, to commemorate the country’s 206 years of independence. Four Christie® 3DLP® technology projectors were used for the mapping, which covered an area 80 meters long by 18 meters high.

The government, led by the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, organized the entire celebration that included the 5 1/2 minute projecting mapping show - Velada Libertaria - retelling the events of the night before Independence. 


The projectors, each delivering 20,000 lumens, were mounted on a Layher scaffolding structure 38 meters from the façade with each projecting 25 percent of the total image at a maximum 1400 x 1050 native resolution using Christie Twist™. Daniel Becerra, coordinator of the event for the agency Promos Latinoamérica Ecuador S.A., explained: “We were bowled over by the versatility of the equipment and the software, as they adapted to the demands of the event without the slightest hiccup, covering such a big façade in the open air and at such a short distance. The 10,000 people who turned up for the event were able to appreciate the excellent image quality of the projection mapping.”

“The truth is that the mapping was a resounding success and the performance of the Christie projectors was optimum,” said Ángel Cuesta, director of 3Laser. “In fact, the president, Rafael Correa, posted a tweet congratulating the team for organizing the event, which only added to our satisfaction.”

3Laser is Ecuador’s leading company for large-scale mapping projections. It has also done video-mappings recently for Ecuador’s football league, for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Guayaquil, and for the 37th anniversary of the declaration of Quito as World Cultural Heritage Site, among others.


Ángel Cuesta admits that in the past that 3Laser used another brand of projectors but that the changeover to Christie has marked a ‘before and after’ in its projects: “There are just so many advantages to Christie 3DLP projectors,” said Cuesta. “For instance, the weight and the width-to-length ratio mean that they can be handled by two people, while the ones we used before were very heavy and cumbersome and needed four people. As well, the lens is compact and the zoom and focus are integrated, plus the dust filters prolong the use life.”

“As well, the projector’s hardware and firmware are ultra-reliable. Not to mention the networked control tools and the Twist module that helps us to make the most of the resolution and color, which lend the greater realism to the 3D effects. At the same time, they can operate for hours and hours without heating up or failures, and we are able to monitor the temperature. In short, we are delighted with the Christie brand and we hope to expand our fleet of Christie projectors in the future,” Cuesta concluded.