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RGBHV/DVI + 2 Analog Audio Coax Transmitter

Model: 7767RGBT-VIP-3G

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The 7767RGBT-VIP-3G enables the VIP Advanced and VIP-X systems to support a computer graphics input remotely.The transmitter accepts RGBHV and DVI with resolution support up to WUXGA (1920x1200) via a single DVI-I connector (DVI-I to VGA HD-15 dongle provided).The 7767RGBT-VIP-3G card outputs a single serial digital output via coax connector.This output can be fed directly into the VIP Advance via it's coax input or into a VIP-X system as an input to the VIP-X router.For full frame rate high resolution support the output format of the 7767RGBT can be set to 3Gb/s, for standard resolution support the card can operate at 1.5Gb/s to pass through any standard router or DA.

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