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Haivision launches the Calypso Enterprise Video Platform, bringing companies an easier way to access video across multiple office locations
Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Haivision launches the Calypso Enterprise Video Platform, bringing companies an easier way to access video across multiple office locations

MONTREAL, CANADA – August 11, 2015 — Haivision launches the Calypso Enterprise Video Platform, a secure, centralized hub where companies can easily manage, store and share live and on-demand video with employees throughout an organization.

Haivision designed the Calypso enterprise video platform to solve the delivery challenge that most companies face when sending video across their company. Calypso brings an easier way to deploy video across multiple office locations with minimal IT intervention and without overwhelming the network. With an intuitive web-based user interface, Calypso gives content administrators the tools to organize videos so employees can effortlessly find the information they need to do their job. With authentication, compliance features, content curation and search, Calypso helps companies make sure that the right employees are watching the right content.

The Calypso Enterprise Video Platform brings enterprises:

  • Multi-location support: With Calypso, companies can easily distribute video to multiple locations. To extend the video viewing experience to any office without significant network loading, the Calypso solution allows companies to create their own delivery network so every employee can watch video directly from their desktops and mobile devices.
  • Authentication: Calypso’s authentication features allow companies to securely share video content with the right viewers. Content administrators from any department can easily share content with individuals or groups, and based on their roles and responsibilities, establish different privileges (viewing, downloading, sharing, editing, etc.).
  • Compliance: For organizations that need to report and document employee compliance with important corporate training, communications, regulations and standards, such as ISO and HIPAA, Calypso’s compliance reporting ensures that managers and business decision makers know who watched what content and when.
  • Curation: Content administrators can easily organize videos for effective employee browsing. With topical channels and highlighted “not to be missed” videos, administrators can target relevant and engaging content to specific employees, based on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Search: Calypso supports extensive metadata, search, and filtering, helping users find videos and specific moments within video content.

"Video is a critical tool for employee training and enablement, but companies struggle with how to effectively distribute this content to everyone in their organization,” said Peter Maag, chief marketing officer at Haivision. "With Calypso, department managers can now present and control their video assets with robust authentication, compliance, curation, and search capabilities - making the most efficient use of video across the organization and making sure that the right employees are watching the right content."

Haivision’s expertise in enterprise video comes from years of engineering and software development of live, extremely low-latency encoding technology. Haivision is the leader in making video work in any business environment – over any bandwidth, network and IT infrastructure – ensuring video content gets to the right audience, without compromise.

About Haivision Haivision delivers end-to-end solutions for streaming, encoding, recording, managing, and distributing secure video and interactive media within the enterprise, education, medical, government and broadcast industries. Recognized as one of the most influential companies in video by Streaming Media, Haivision is headquartered in Montreal and Chicago with regional offices in Austin, Tx; Atlanta, Ga.; Portland, Or.; Washington D.C. and Hamburg, Germany. With a global sales and support organization, Haivision distributes its products through value-added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide. More information is available at

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