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Portrait Touch and Motion Kiosk Redesigned
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Portrait Touch and Motion Kiosk Redesigned

We’ve completely redesigned the Portrait vertical kiosk making the unit slimmer and sleeker. Beyond its improved physical appearance, the Portrait multitouch system features the latest generation 3M touch sensor and an LG commercial display.

We first introduced the Portrait in 2016 as the first 4K Ultra HD vertical touch system with integrated motion tracking. With built-in Kinect motion capture, it supports dynamic interactive exhibits that utilize both touch and motion. The concept for this design came from our work on the Be a Bug interactive, developed for the ABQ BioPark back in 2015. Along with permanent exhibits, its all-in-one design makes it easy to set up for temporary events or trade shows.

The new design for the Portrait incorporates our new manufacturing process, which uses aluminum extrusion and casting. While the redesigned Portrait is lighter and slimmer, it is also tougher and built to tighter tolerances than its predecessor. (For more details about this new manufacturing method see, Toughest Touch Displays and Multitouch Tables.)

The first few units are shipping this week. You can learn more about the Portrait on our website or you can contact our sales group.