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Key Digital’s Master Controller Designed Around Six Core Audio Visual Application Types The KD-MC1000 Compass Control Pro Master Controller is Perfect
Posted on Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Key Digital’s Master Controller Designed Around Six Core Audio Visual Application Types The KD-MC1000 Compass Control Pro Master Controller is Perfect

The award winning manufacturer of professional A/V and Control Systems introduce their KD-MC1000 Master Controller with Compass Control Pro. Compass Control Pro is the first fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices to replace traditional control interfaces. The master controller has a total of 8 ports including 6 MCP35 multi-function I/O ports, 1 Relay/Contact closure port, and 1 dedicated RS-232. Multi-function 3.5mm I/O ports can be programmed to be bi-directional IR, bi-directional RS-232, voltage trigger output, voltage Sensor input, PCM Audio sensor input, or composite video sensor input.

Since Compass Control Pro is a digital system, it has no glass ceiling. It functions perfectly for the smallest office to an arena with 500+ controllers in the system. Compass Control has been built and tested for the most complex projects, offering modular programming or custom design with a blank slate that is limited only by imagination. 

Compass Control Pro instantly integrates components from Compass Alliance Partners to create a simple plug and play system. Key Digital’s control drivers and pre-configured GUI templates for partner products lend to streamlined system development and reduced programming time. Partnering with Lutron, Leviton, Honeywell, KNX, and many additional industry leaders enable Compass Control Pro to be the most modern and cost-effective control system available.

 “Since its market release in 2012, the Compass Control system has directed Key Digital fully into commercial AV. Conference Rooms, houses of worship, classrooms, corporations, and government install sites are upgraded to deliver user- friendly control of an individual room, or multiple rooms can be easily networked due to Compass Control Pro’s network communication foundation. Bar and restaurant applications have greatly benefited from Compass Control Pro’s fully customizable GUI. Our network of programmers and integrators are able to specify and install the quantity of units that is the perfect fit each time. Applications with a large amount of IP controllable devices perhaps benefit most. For example, a digital signage project with dozens of IP controllable displays can be controlled by Compass Control Pro without using a single Master Controller Port since the iOS or Android device connects directly with the IP device to be controlled,” said Jonathon Ferry, National Training Manager for Key Digital.

Configuring this flexible device is done via in Compass Navigator software, where port usages are determined by the device type assigned in the Compass Control Pro. Additionally, any multi-function 3.5mm port can be converted to contact closure using Key Digital KD-CCXR200 converter.

With support for real-time devices and more intelligence than previous Compass Control Master Controllers, KD-MC1000 can constantly listen for updates from connected devices, or store scheduled events internally with or without an iOS or Android device.

The control distribution of KD-MC100 integrates with all Key Digital control routing HDMI products to expand the control system and add control ports. All system performance is controlled by iOS or Android devices and KD-MC1000 Master Controller. The IP connectivity stabilizer offers a stable and constant TCP/IP socket created by KD-MC1000 with IP target devices via Telnet or HTTP regardless or controller devices status.

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Led by the “Father of DVD”, Mike Tsinberg, Key Digital® is an InfoComm, CEDIA, CES, and NAHB award winning manufacturer of professional distributed video and control system equipment.   


Since 1999, Key Digital has lead the constantly evolving  A/V industry by designing products that deliver industry leading quality, performance, and reliability to corporate, bar & restaurant, digital signage, education, government, and house of worship applications.  


Key Digital products are designed and engineered in-house in Mount Vernon, NY.  Superior quality, ease-of-installation, and versatility are the result of strenuous research, development, and testing. Expertise and unparalleled knowledge have created a unique hardware-software suite solution ideal for the consultants, designers, and installation firms of the A/V industry. Key Digital® is known to deliver best-in-class products based on quality, performance, and reliability. 


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