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Enterprise Video-on-Demand Package: 1 Yr Authenticated Web Media Hosting & Streaming VOD Service with 5000 GB Monthly Download Bandwidth (Over 10,700 HD Monthly Viewing Hrs or Over 20,200 SD Monthly Viewing Hrs) & Over 3,400 Hrs of HD Video Storage

Model: VieBit V-5000

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  • One Year Authenticated Web Media Hosting and Streaming Video-on-Demand Service (LEIGHTRONIX Encoder Required - See Below) - formerly "PEG Central";
  • Base Package Includes: Data Monitoring - Usage Statistics - Subscription Expiration Date - Custom Web Page Options including Sponsor Messages;
  • Web Address - Custom URL:;
  • Compatible Encoders: UltraNEXUS-HD, UltraNEXUS-HD Blade, E-HD2, IncodeX Vier, UltraNEXUS-SDI, UltraNEXUS, LABvault-HD, LABvault-SD, and PEGvault-SD;
  • NOTE: UltraNEXUS-SDI and UltraNEXUS require a USB hard drive in addition to either a standard USB hard drive or expanded (NAS) Contact LEIGHTRONIX for Details on Packages with Additional Streaming Bandwidth and Media Storage
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