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Lutron Expands Ivalo Collection With LED Recessed Lighting
Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Finiré™ LED recessed light fixtures with Xicato LED Modules ensure high-quality dimming and compatibility with drivers and controls   

Coopersburg, PA (December 10, 2013) – As LEDs continue to gain prominence in residential and commercial applications, so increases the need to dim these energy-efficient sources. Lutron Electronics, maker of energy-saving wireless light and shade controls, today announced the expansion of its Ivalo collection’s Finiré fixture family to include Xicato LED modules. Fixtures come standard with the Lutron Hi-lume® A-series 1% dimming driver, solving the ongoing compatibility issue between LED modules and their controls.

The new Finiré LED fixtures feature:

  1. Industry best 95+ Color Rendering Index (CRI)
    • Features a 95+ CRI option, providing industry-best light quality. Finiré is standard with Xicato 83 (typical) CRI modules
  2. Standard Lutron 1% dimming driver guarantees compatibility with Lutron controls
    • Ivalo fixtures come standard with Lutron’s Hi-lume A-series dimming driver designed for ideal compatibility and performance with Lutron drivers and controls.
  3. 1,000 delivered lumens in a 6.4”Height IC Airtight Housing
    • A more efficient heat sink and cooler Xicato LED modules allow the new 22W 1,000 delivered lumens option with the Lutron driver Finiré IC airtight housing height is maintained at 6.4” (12.7” L or 18.9” L x 9.5” W x 6.4” H) and accommodates both residential applications and Chicago Plenum requirements
  4. Industry best 1x2 step color consistency
    • Xicato LED modules provide industry-best color consistency, initially and over time. Consistency is guaranteed.
  5. Field changeable beam spreads (20°, 30°, 40°, and 50°)
    • Choose spot lighting, narrow directional lighting for high ceilings, medium task lighting, or wide flood lighting for flexible, field changeable lighting in any application.
  6. 5-year fixture, dimming, and color consistency/shift warranty
    • 5-year warranty covers the fixture, dimming driver, LED module color shift, and color consistency

“Lutron’s new Finire luminaire truly brings together the strengths of Lutron and Xicato to ensure that users not only feel and look good in the light, but also will be able to enjoy it for years ahead knowing that it will consistently and efficiently provide the highest quality light for their home,” said Joanna Brace, Executive Vice-President of Marketing at Xicato.

Several Finiré LED fixtures are available, including round or square downlight, wall wash, and adjustable fixture options with trimmed or trim-less assemblies, as well as several architectural options, including Pinhole, Stainless, and Oiled Rubbed Bronze finishes.

“We are committed to helping people make the transition to LEDs as simple and problem-free as possible by providing exceptional dimming capability and LED quality,” said Lanell Gray , Business Product Manager at Lutron. “Including Xicato LED modules in the Finiré collection provides our customers with a high-quality LED experience, solid dimming performance, and ensured compatibility with Lutron controls.”

All fixtures in the Lutron Ivalo Collection provide smooth, flicker-free performance from 100% to 1%, utilizing Lutron Hi-lume A-series drivers (which come standard with the fixture). For more information, or questions about LED and control compatibility, please visit the Lutron LED Control Center of Excellence.

Finiré LED fixtures are priced from $490 (suggested list) and are available now. For more information, visit