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Lutron Reinvents Lighting Control for the Digital Age with the Launch of GRAFIK T™
Posted on Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Coopersburg, PA (June 4, 2014)Lutron Electronics announces GRAFIK T, an exciting lighting control for the digital age that marries advanced Lutron touch dimming technology with intuitive, minimalist design. GRAFIK T reinvents the way we interact with lighting controls: one simple touch of a finger on the LED light bar sets the lighting level. GRAFIK T is the quintessential essential of dimming technology for residential and commercial applications, from a standalone dimmer, to a dimmer working within a system to control all light sources.

Lighting control is effortless – and smart – with GRAFIK T innovative software, electronics and wireless communication to Lutron occupancy and daylight sensors, even with metal faceplates. GRAFIK T utilizes Lutron’s patented C•L® dimming technology, ensuring it is compatible with next-generation, energy-efficient bulbs - including halogen and dimmable screw-in LED bulbs – and easing the transition to new lighting sources for residential and commercial users alike.

GRAFIK T is the first architecturally designed dimmer with patented C•L dimming technology. Its aesthetic is elegant and timeless, featuring a faceplate that appears to float off the wall and a slightly raised LED bar that is responsive to even the lightest touch. It is easy and intuitive to use: all that’s required to raise or lower the lights is a soft touch on the LED light bar – no knobs to turn, buttons to press, or sliders to adjust. Almost magically, the lights are activated as you “follow the glow” and watch the light level change.

Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect® wireless technology provides the convenience of remote controls, and lets you connect GRAFIK T to Lutron’s wireless occupancy and daylight sensors to meet the latest building energy codes. Technological advances in GRAFIK T circuitry now make it possible to use elegant metal faceplates while maintaining wireless capability.

Backed by Lutron quality, GRAFIK T is an instant modern design classic that brings together great looks and smart technology for a seamless user experience. It’s the solution for all commercial and residential dimming needs.

GRAFIK T comes in a range of options, from standalone dimmers to system-based devices for residential and commercial lighting control systems. Affordable innovation starts at a basic list price of $67, and $110 for radio frequency wireless models. Available in 21 different colors and finishes (including 11 in metal), GRAFIK T is poised to meet every interior design requirement.