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Lutron Electronics Expands its Ivalo® Collection of High-End Architectural LED Fixtures with Finiré® 3” Recessed Lighting and Lumaris® Linear Lighting
Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Architects, specifiers and lighting designers have more options than ever to deliver a consistently high-quality LED lighting and Lutron dimming experience in high-end applications – supported by an unparalleled five-year warranty and one-stop-shop service and support. 

Coopersburg, PA (May 5, 2015) – Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving wireless lighting and shade control, today introduced two new exciting additions to its Ivalo Collection of high-end architectural LED fixtures – Finiré 3” Recessed Lighting and Lumaris Linear Lighting with Diffused Lens. The Ivalo Collection by Lutron is widely lauded by architects, specifiers and lighting designers for its high-quality LEDs and guaranteed flicker-free 1% dimming, which provide users with a consistent lighting experience from fixture to fixture throughout the home. Now, with the expansion of the new Finiré and Lumaris products, Ivalo reinforces its position as the ideal illumination solution for any high-end residential or architectural application. 

Ivalo Finiré 3” LED Recessed Lighting
The high-end residential market is demanding smaller downlights to make ceiling lighting as discrete as possible. With the new 3” Finiré LED Recessed Lighting by Ivalo, architects, specifiers and lighting designers gain exactly that, plus the confident LED design that’s offered in all Finiré all-in-one fixture, dimming and control solutions. The 3” Finiré LED Recessed Lighting product produces a cleaner ceiling with a smaller aperture, providing more light output and custom options. It also features a 1,100 lumen 6” high IC-rated fixture that allows it to be installed in very shallow ceilings, and its new 15-degree beam spread option enables more flexibility for narrow spot lighting needs. 

Ivalo Lumaris LED Linear Lighting with Diffused Lens
Since its inception, Lumaris LED Linear Lighting has always provided sleek architectural illumination for tight applications including coves, as well as under cabinets, shelves and counters. However, up until now many users had no choice but to deal with lower-quality LEDs and the glare that would result from the LED hotspots reflecting off of a shiny surface, like a countertop. With the Lumaris LED Linear Lighting with Diffused Lens option, Lutron has concealed the LED hot spots and eliminated the glare in this small-profile linear light – something that has been difficult for manufacturers to achieve. Lutron has achieved this challenge while still maintaining a high-quality color and performance. The result is a glowing, calming LED fixture with even, glare-free lines of illumination in hidden or direct line-of-sight applications. 

Ivalo Collection – Unmatched Quality and Support As part of the Ivalo Collection, the Finiré and Lumaris products benefit from high-quality color rendering, dimming and support, including:
  • High Color Quality – a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 or above ensures colors will always appear the way users expect them to;
  • Soft-On, Fade-to-Black Dimming – provides incandescent-like flicker-free dimming down to 1%;
  • Unmatched Five-Year Warranty – covers the fixture, dimming driver and LED color shift and consistency, while most manufacturers have limited warranties that only cover the fixture itself; and
  • One-Stop-Shop 24/7 Technical Support – technical system-level support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as an LED Control Center of Excellence that is devoted to providing answers to all LED control, dimming and fixture questions.

Both the Finiré 3” LED Recessed Lighting and Lumaris LED Linear Lighting with Diffused Lens solutions are available to order now and will begin shipping in July.