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Lutron’s eco-home Products Provide Easy Energy Savings
Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009


Coopersburg, PA ­ –– Lutron Electronics launches the eco-home line of products – making it easier than ever for consumers to save energy while adding ambiance to their home.
Composed of the following products, the eco-home line helps homeowners reduce their energy consumption to conserve both natural and financial resources.
·   eco-dim® dimmers: This line of dimmers guarantee a minimum reduction in energy consumption of 15% and an increase in light bulb life by at least three times when replacing a standard switch. This is achieved by setting the maximum light output to 85% instead of 100% brightness, a barely perceptible change to the human eye. The increase in bulb life results in fewer light bulb changes and fewer light bulbs in landfills.
Offered in Ariadni®, Diva®, Maestro®, Skylark® and Rotary dimmer styles, eco-dim dimmers are available starting at a suggested list price of $14.60.
·   eco-minder™ dimmers: Lutron’s innovative, new, eco-minder dimmers feature an LED display that provides the user with instant feedback when they are saving at least 15% energy and extending bulb life by three times, allowing them to see as they save. The eco-minder reminds users to dim their lights to reduce energy consumption, as well as allows them to show others how to conserve energy. Replace a standard switch with an eco-minder dimmer and save up to $30 per year*.
Offered in Maestro or Meadowlark dimmer styles, eco-minder dimmers are available starting at a suggested list price of $24.80.
·   Maestro Dimmer with Occupancy / Vacancy Sensor: This new Lutronproduct takes the company’s popular Maestro dimmer and adds an unobtrusive sensor to the sleek design. Equipped with Lutron’s exclusive XCT™detection technology that detects fine motion, the sensor ensures that the lights stay on when the room is occupied and are off when the room is not in use, greatly reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Replace your standard switch with a Maestro dimmer with occupancy sensor and save up to 50%** in energy costs.
The Maestro dimmer with Occupancy / Vacancy sensor has a suggested list price of $54.
·   eco-timer™: This new, eco-friendly product allows consumers to save energy by automatically turning a fan or light off after a set period of time. With the Maestro eco-timer, users can set a countdown time of as short as one minute but no longer than 30 minutes. The timer cannot be overridden to remain on which guarantees the fan or lights will always turn off. The LED lights on the side of the eco-timer move every five minutes as time winds down, indicating to the user approximately how much time is remaining.
The Maestro eco-timer has a suggested list price of $48.
Eco-home products are available at lighting showrooms, electrical distributors, home improvement centers, online retailers or
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Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of lighting controls, architectural lighting control systems and shading solutions for residential, commercial and institutional applications.
*Actual savings may vary depending on use and application. Stated savings based on dimming (4) 75 W incandescent reflector lamps (rated at 1500 hrs each, costing $1.75 per lamp) by 50% (perceived light level corresponding to 40% reduction in power level) for 5 hrs per day with electricity cost of $0.104/kWh. To calculate your own savings visit:
**50% energy savings based on dimming the lights by 20% and the sensor reducing average lighting usage from five to three hours a day by preventing the lights from being left on in unoccupied spaces. Actual savings may vary depending on usage.