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Modular design provides for expansion from single, to double or triple displays Fullerton, CA (May 6, 2014) – Premier Mounts, an internationally rec
Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Modular design provides for expansion from single, to double or triple displays   Fullerton, CA (May 6, 2014) – Premier Mounts, an internationally rec

Easy kickstand access for displays sitting less than 2” from mounting surfaces


Fullerton, CA (May 14, 2014) – Premier Mounts® provides the industry’s first Press & Release™ ultra-slim video wall mounting solution for ultra thin displays with an official June 9, 2014 release date for their sleek-design LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Slim Mount. This advanced mounting option showcases the seamless design for a variety of recessed wall or picture-framed digital signage applications. Displays between 37-63 inches and up to 100 pounds meld even closer to walls for matrix and video wall configurations, as well as single display applications. Premier Mounts is the original innovator of the Press & Release™ feature that allows the user to push in and have the display spring out for easy accessibility anywhere on a video wall. The Service-Position Kickstand offers even faster maintenance with clear access to the rear of the display.


“As digital signage advances we’re seeing a rise in demand for thinner displays that meet public space code requirements, both in video walls and single displays,” states Rich Pierro, co-CEO of Premier Mounts. “Our customers asked, and we responded with an ADA-Compliant Mounting solution using our trademark press-and-release technology capable of video wall, recessed, and single use applications.  The problem the LMVS solves is that its 1.98” depth allows installations to meet ADA code when using ultra-thin flat panel displays.  When LMVS is installed into recessed spaces using standard 2x4 wall construction, it allows a much lower profile than other mounting solutions while still allowing individual panel access for maintenance”


Advanced Presentation with ADA Compliance


Public space coding demands ADA-compliancy, requiring under 2-inches of space between a display and the wall it mounts to. The new LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Slim Mount meets this compliance by mounting displays 1.98” from the wall. The LMVS delivers a plumb surface between a recessed display and the wall it sits in, and is an ideal pullout mount for shallow wall spaces where standard 2x4 walls don’t allow enough space to recess the mount while still maintaining a low-profile appearance with a typical flat-panel mount. 


ROI-Decreasing Service and Maintenance costs


The LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Slim Mount cuts service call times with advanced technology such as the service-position kickstand, used to prop the display at an accessible 7° angle for easy access during display maintenance. The LMVS also features a Single Top-Engaged Hook to allow for one-point latch and hang display mounting, rather than using complicated two-point straight-in placement. Premier Mounts’ trademarked Press & Release access design also allows display and media player maintenance to be performed with minimal effort and manpower. Time-tested for service accessibility in less than 5 seconds, just one person is able to correct equipment issues with a gentle press to the display edges, thus extending it away from the configuration without the need to remove layers of video wall equipment to access a display.


Added Features Focused on Reducing Installation Costs


A variety of installation features create value-add to the LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Slim Mount. Top-adjustable fine-tune points allow precise post installation adjustability using an included Comfort-Grip Ball-Nose Allen driver. Either use the precision-friendly long reach tool for last-minute level, tilt and alignment changes or adjust the accessible knobs by hand for a tools-free installation. The LMVS includes a Lateral Shift Locking Screw for security in final adjustments, and adjustment screws line in a single linear location for ease of installation. The scissor-design with compact mounting arms grant 8-inches of extension with one smooth motion, and the “click-it” locking feature confirms the display is secure through an audible sound once the mount is fully retracted or seated. For video wall applications, a universal spacer kit also comes included with the LMVS Press & Release™ Pop Out Slim Mount and can be used in conjunction with mounts across the LMV product line.