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Solutions Flash: 7x4 Video Wall for a Retail Store Front Window
Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2015

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This week’s Solutions Flash involved a 7x4 video wall for a retail store front, where the mounting solution used reverse swing out access to address the limited space & access for window front displays. Contact a Solutions Expert with your challenge by calling 877.472.2991, or emailing:
The Challenge

Application:  Video Wall, 7x4 Floor Anchored Limited Space

Property:   Retail storefront window

Opportunity: Engineer a 7x4 video wall for a retail storefront window, with limited 52" of space between the window & non-loadbearing wall.

The close viewing distance meant that any bezel misalignment would be amplified, so alignment must be perfect.

The highly visible video wall must also have fast & easy serviceability to maximize content "up time."
The Solution - Action Taken

Premier Mounts engineered a custom solution that utilized the LMV Press & Release Pop Out Mount’s fine-tune adjustment display brackets for perfect panel alignment.

Since there wasn’t a loadbearing wall, a tube steel frame with leveling was floor-anchored to ensure video wall stability. Each frame in the video wall locked in place to keep it secure & aligned.

A center pivot point in a column layout allowed each column of displays to open, with both left and right pivoting frames employed for fast service access.

An open back frame also provided easy service access to the back of all displays.