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Premier Mounts - How Cloud and SaaS are Changing AV Integration
Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
  How Cloud and SaaS are Changing AV Integration

The last several years have seen a sea of change in the AV industry. The rise of SaaS and cloud-based computing has shifted the focus from ever more complex and sophisticated hardware to simpler delivery points for software and IT applications. Cloud and SaaS are greatly changing how AV systems are integrated and connected.

As a result, the AV industry has been forced to shift their focus as well. Previous infrastructure design for commercial customers involved designing a system that accessed and tied in to their own hardware and IT departments. Now, AV products are more likely to need access to Ethernet.

For years, technology manufacturers focused on new and more advanced hardware. Within the AV industry, there was a time when simply making a projector or display lighter, brighter or with a higher resolution was a big deal and a serious competitive advantage; now, it makes more sense to find new ways to integrate thin client hardware that maximizes the use of new software-based systems.

Cloud-based environments allow for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance. Remote service, the ability to diagnose and even fix issues from anywhere, and scalability, or the ease with which a business can grow, are both important to customers.

New infrastructure designs are a must. More and more companies are attracted to cloud-based solutions, especially as the cloud moves AV and IT from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. Instead of worrying about a server failure, the AV reseller/integrator can focus on helping the customer with their content strategy.

For AV professionals, the cloud will bring both opportunity and change to technology and to business practices. The challenge will be in product development; how to integrate a thousand services and help customers search through it; choosing the right products in the right configurations.

From the original concept to the final product, finding a custom design group that supports each project with a team of highly qualified designers, engineers and customer service representatives will take your project from an idea to reality.

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