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Elpro Large Electrol, now with Easy Install and Easy Serviceability
Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Elpro Large Electrol, now with Easy Install and Easy Serviceability

Projecta improves the Elpro Large Electrol! The Elpro Large Electrol is a trusted and reliable solutions for projection applications up to 5 metres wide. This screen has now been improved to meet the needs of every AV installer!

Easy Install
The Elpro Large Electrol has now been equipped with a variable mounting systems within one metre of each end cap. This innovation ensures easy installation, even on a large application projection screen. The brackets can be positioned on the wall or ceiling and later the screen can be placed on the brackets. When the casing is in place, the bracket can be secured for safety. Just as it did with the smaller projection screen ranges, the Easy Install innovations of Projecta safe time and money!
Easy Serviceability
The construction of the Elpro Large Electrol has changed to make adjustments, service and maintenance easier. Via a special hatch on the left side of the casing the motor of the projection screen is accessible and can even be replaced while installed. Because of this improvement it is unnecessary to get the screen down to the ground which saves a lot of time. The front cover of the Elpro Large Electrol can also be removed. The roller and projection surface is now available for adjustments and maintenance and can even be replaced while installed.
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