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Projecta Introduces the Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol
Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010
Projecta Introduces the Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol

Tab-tensioned perfection in large dimensions
Projecta Introduces the Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol

Projecta is pleased to announce the introduction of the Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol, an electric projection screen for large venues with a tab-tensioned projection surface for a perfectly flat viewing area.

The Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol ensures the flattest possible viewing surface for a retractable screen thanks to its tab-tensioning system. The projection screen surface is tensioned in all four directions by a heavy duty aluminum extruded slat bar and nylon tensioning cables on each side to match with the parabolic curves of the screen. The end result is a projection viewing area that is evenly tensioned and suitable for all critical viewing projection.

The Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol is available in widths from 3.5 to 4.5 metres and in 4:3 (Video), 16:9 (HDTV) and 16:10 (Wide) aspect ratios. The casing comes equipped with flexible mounting brackets which are one metre laterally adjustable from each end cap for easy positioning and installation. The unique Easy Serviceability System ensures that even when the projection screen is installed, the motor and screen surface are accessible for adjustments and maintenance. The case and the projection surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case is available in any color for optimal integration in any interior.

Projecta realises that safety is essential with the installation and use of projection screens for large venues. That is why all electric large dimensions projection screen motors are equipped with an automatic thermal overload cut-off and an electric brake to prevent coasting.

For complete product specifications, fabric options, formats and sizes please visit

Please visit the Projecta booth at Integrated Systems Europe 2011 in Amsterdam. The Tensioned Elpro Large Electrol will be on display at the Projecta booth in Hall 1 H33.

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