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4K is Here... What's All the Hype About?
Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014
 4K is Here... What's All the Hype About?


When is the right time to upgrade?
There is never an ideal time to upgrade. Today’s technology timeline is moving at a lightning-fast pace, and we can no longer wait and see how others use something new. By then, the “next best thing” has already been here. It is critical to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology, and to be certain that adoption of new formats and standards is truly the latest and the greatest. Why invest in making something better, when you can simply have the best? 

The PureLink™ Advantage - Sure, some manufacturers claim to be the leader in the 4K revolution, and the first to provide a complete end-to-end A/V distribution system supporting 4K. However, they have only just begun propelling efforts to deliver their promises. PureLink’s PM (PureMedia) Series has been ready for this advancement since its launch, and the complete line of 4K Extenders and Cross-Platform Modular Matrix Routers has been available on the market since 2013. The best is not yet to come… it’s already yours.

Still playing catch-up? 
As 4K deployment is rising across the board in different markets, including command and control, corporate, and leisure, A/V manufacturers are implementing 4K upgrade programs designed to reduce the seemingly costly expense of converting existing systems to 4K. 

The PureLink™ Advantage - In the Pro-AV world, 4K is simply the next logical step in and industry seeking the highest resolutions. Investments will certainly be made; however, upgrading to 4K does not necessarily equal more money. PureLink’s 4K Level-Up Program is a guaranteed trade-in service tailored to simplify PM system upgrades and provide users with the highest possible value for existing components. No hassle. No questions. Simply 4K.

Level Up Program

*Figures shown above are for informational purposes only. Actual PureLink trade-in values may vary for each model.

4K Certification - Who does this really help?
Building an end-to-end 4K/UltraHD ecosystem seems a bit idealistic when many vertical markets have not yet completely adopted Full HD (1080p), and some even waiting to go digital. With the spotlight on 4K upgrades and certification, what happens to existing infrastructures that are just now facing digital makeovers? While a solid distributed 4K system with certified 4K sources and displays may become a design standard in the long run, compatibility issues across existing formats and resolutions with 4K devices and content must first be resolved. 

The PureLink™ Advantage - PureAssurance is a comprehensive testing and certification program that ensures the performance of various sources and displays across multiple formats with PureLink’s PM systems and components. Devices that are certified through PureAssurance are continuously tested to determine the ability to conform to PureLink’s technical standards and specifications. It will provide system integrators and designers with the assurance that PureLink solutions will perform accurately and consistently.