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PureLink Offers Free IP Video Management Software - VPX Application Offered in Conjunction with their VIP-200 Modular IP Video Distribution Solutions
Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017

PureLink, a leading provider of Ultra HD video connectivity solutions for the professional A/V industry, is offering its powerful video over IP management software, free of charge for a limited time. The VPX IP Video Management software is now available with the purchase of two or more VIP-200 Tx modules and at least one VIP-200 Rx module. The software provides automatic discovery and registration of VIP-200 IP Video transmitters and receivers (up to a 32 x 32 configuration). It features an intuitive browser-based UI that allows users access from virtually any operating system or wireless tablet. PureLink’s VPX software intuitively performs switching of inputs and outputs, and easily creates scheduled presets and system diagnostics. The company is offering its VPX software free of charge until January 31, 2017, when the promotion ends.  

The VPX software swiftly detects every VIP transmitter and receiver module connected and creates an Input/Output map that can be manually edited, in either on-line or off-line mode. Alternatively, a matrix can also be completely created offline, without the need to have hardware present. The system offers Live, Preview, and Edit modes and the ability to create and preview up to 16 presets for automating execution schedules. The VPX IP Video Management software provides detailed diagnostics of system performance in real time, and gives the user the ability to customize event log reports with time and keyword filters. Third party external control of the system can also be utilized to automate presets and I/O map changes, and to access diagnostic information. The VPX system can easily be accessed wirelessly, from any Windows, Mac or Android compatible device.   

"The main advantage of our VIP IP Video systems is the power and ease of the VPX software," stated Keith Frey, PureLink's Sr. Product Manager. "With the ability to mix HDMI, DVI and VGA connections on both inputs and outputs, the VIP-200 line melds together and takes full advantage of technologies from both the A/V and IP worlds," he added. "This unique tandem of hardware and software elements provides extension, distribution, switching and matrix routing over IP in the simplest, most intuitive manner. Because of its modular design, you can build a VIP system one transmitter and receiver at a time, and have I/O flexibility never before realized with conventional distribution amplifiers, switchers and routers," concluded Frey.

Visit the PureLink website for additional information on the free VPX software offer and for details on the entire VIP series of video over IP solutions. PureLink can also be contacted by telephone at 201-488-3232 or by e-mail at

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PureLink designs and manufactures the world’s most respected HD Video connectivity solutions, consisting of products such as Cross-Platform Digital Modular and Integrated Matrix Switchers, Presentation Systems, CATx/Fiber Optic Extenders, Format Converters, Video Switchers and Distribution Amplifiers, along with accessories such as Signal Analyzers, Audio Downmixers, Digital Signal Isolators, and DisplayPort, Fiber Optic, and HDMI Cables and Adapters.  Founded in 2002, PureLink has quietly pioneered the exploding HD Video connectivity space, inventing 1080p HDCP matrix switching along with the large-scale DVI Matrix Switcher. For further information on all PureLink product offerings please go to

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Date: Dec 15, 2016