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PureLink’s Ingenious New Auto-EDID Extenders Finally Solve The Reliability Hassles of HDMI & DVI
Posted on Saturday, August 1, 2009
PureLink’s Ingenious New Auto-EDID Extenders Finally Solve The Reliability Hassles of HDMI & DVI


Little Ferry, New Jersey, August 1, 2009…….PureLink announced today the availability of several new Series II versions of their well-known line of HDMI and DVI

Extension Kits.   These new models feature Auto-EDID, an exclusive and proprietary emulation technique that improves the reliability and simplifies the cable management of the two-way DDC (data display channel) upon which the EDID is carried. 


Since it’s introduction several years ago, HDMI has been criticized by many in the industry for it’s lack of reliability.   When HDMI was first introduced, it was meant to be a “point to point”, protected connection between the source and the display.  However,  they did not tell everyone that this connection had to support a “two-way” communication between the source and the display to verify the connection at the correct resolution and maintain HDCP protection if required.   This information, known as EDID (Extended Display Identification Data), adds a layer of complexity in the connection never before seen in the industry.   Analog connections never had to deal with this, so the reliability everyone was used to from the last generation of standard definition was missing from the new digital connection.   Once peripherals like AV Receivers and Preamps, Scalers, as well as distribution amps and switching systems are added into the picture, it is clear that this is going to be a challenge


PureLink’s research over the last year proved that no matter how good the EDID recognition and storage system on the peripheral was, failure was still just around the corner if the power failed or the stars didn’t line up just right.   Long copper cable runs between sources and displays, to carry the two-way EDID, became giant antennae picking up random RFI from cell phones, blue tooth signals, wi-fi signals and remote controls, all capable of disrupting the EDID and causing the dreaded black screen.  This is what people are experiencing when their HDMI connection fails; the EDID is losing it’s connection.  


PureLink’s new Auto-EDID feature uses a proprietary circuit that includes an emulator, an EEPROM device that records the EDID into its memory so that when used with a transmitter and receiver to extend the signal over a long distance, nothing is lost and it never fails.   The long copper cable is eliminated, all of the data is broadcast over fiber for the ultimate in speed, reliability and simplification of the wiring.   This ingenious breakthrough came about after the failure of all the other attempts by the industry to solve this problem and offers dealers, integrators, and installers a fail-safe way to do both DVI and HDMI at very long distance, up to 5000 feet, with full HDCP compliance and EDID connections that are never broken.


Model HDX II is the HDMI extension kit, MSRP is $979.00 without fiber cable.  

Model OBC II is the DVI extension kit, MSRP is $939.00 without fiber cable

Model OLC II is the DVI extension kit without HDCP, is $999 without fiber cable

Cables for each system are available in pre-cut and terminated lengths, ranging from 33 feet to 330 feet, and custom lengths are available by special order up to 5000 feet per run.


Finally, the EDID conundrum is solved.   HDMI is the only way to enjoy true 1080p performance and the latest uncompressed multi-channel soundtracks, the best content ever offered to consumers in the history of the