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PureLink’s New MXA Series Routers–Audio + Video Routing In A Single Chassis
Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010
PureLink’s New MXA Series Routers–Audio + Video Routing In A Single Chassis

PureLink is known worldwide for its extensive line of HDTV connectivity products.   When asked, PureLink dealers will tell you they support our brand because “they’re the ones that work!”.    Its been two years since the company introduced its first cross-platform modular matrix routers, the MX-1800 (18×18) and MX-3600 (36×36), and in that time there have been zero defects or failures in the field.   You read that correctly… failures.

This un-precedented record of reliable service can only be achieved by maintaining a rigorous qualty assurance program and the use of quality, age-tested parts.    While PureLink’s competitors manufacture in China to achieve a low cost, the products they make tend to have a high failure rate.    In mission critical applications, a low price means nothing to the end user if  the device fails, and in national security installations, it could be fatal.   For this reason alone, PureLink is the informed choice among the specifiers and systems integrators for these critical jobs.

PureLink’s new “cross-platform” modular MXA-1600 Pro (16×16) and MXA-3200 Pro (32×32) enable separate routing of balanced analog audio and DVI/HDMI video.   The MXA-1600 Pro/MXA-3200 Pro provide the ultimate in design flexibility, making it now possible to separately route audio and video signals over long distance within the same device, eliminating the need for a separate audio matrix router, saving rack space and cost.

Individual PCB’s for DVI or HDMI are slot loaded, 4 up, in and out, and sold a la carte, as needed.   Separate balanced analog audio boards featuring Phoenix connectors are 8 up, in and out, also sold separately.   Dual, hot-swappable power supplies provide redundancy in mission critical applications.    Input/output boards are available in HDMI, DVI, CAT5, and Fiber Optic for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Both models are shipping now with PureLink’s advanced GUI and proprietary software adding ease of use and functionality to its legendary service record in the field.    Nothing else we know of works as well at anywhere near its price, or even much higher priced units from other vendors.   As usual, nothing beats a PureLink, the ones that work!