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Software-Configured Dante® Endpoints
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - RDL’s NEW software-configured Dante endpoints deliver the quality and performance expected from RDL products while providing the convenience and flexibility of software configuration.

Software Features:

  • Discovers Dante units on the network
  • Identifies RDL units that are equipped with software-controlled settings (configurable)
  • Displays the status of settings in configurable RDL units
  • Provides a control panel to store settings in configurable RDL units (example: gain, level, phantom)
  • Indexes units by sites defined on your local computing device
  • Allows saving the settings profiles of selected RDL units on your local computing device
  • Allows saving unit settings profiles in a Site Library or in a Global Library
  • Provides Excel import and export of unit settings by Site or Global Library
  • Allows you to “push” settings out to one or multiple RDL configurable units

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