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Decora® Dual Mic Preamp with Automatic Gain
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Jan. 19, 2024 - The D SERIES-TPSM2A is a single-gang Decora style two channel microphone preamplifier compatible with other RDL Format-A senders and receivers as well as RDL RU-FN and RU-BNF Dante™ interfaces.

The D-TPSM2A provides 48 volt phantom power for condenser microphones and XLR inputs accept signals from both dynamic and condenser microphones. One of the features that sets the -TPSM2A apart from other in-wall microphone preamplifiers is the automatic gain feature. When the rear-panel GAIN switch is set by the installer for AUTO (automatic) gain, the module automatically sets the gain to 60 dB for dynamic microphones or 40 dB for condenser microphones with no user intervention.

If consistently low mic levels are expected, this switch may be set to the HIGH gain position. If the module is used only with condenser microphones, the switch may be set to LOW gain. RDL’s Format-A system utilizes 3 pairs of a standard CATx cable for audio and one pair for distributing 24 Vdc power. These modules drive only two cable pairs, therefore they accept a signal and power from another mic-level or line-level Format-A sender.

Like most of RDL’s Decora products the front-panel graphic labels may be customized to meet customer needs. A number of mounting options are available for the -TPSM2A including wall mounts, surface mounts, desktop chassis, Decora cover plates, rack mounts and international wall boxes.

Models are available in white, stainless steel or black.