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Sencore Announces New Analyzing Features Included on the MP500 MediaPro Handheld Generator & HDMI Analyzer
Posted on Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Sencore Announces New Analyzing Features Included on the MP500 MediaPro Handheld Generator & HDMI Analyzer

The MP500 provides both multi format and resolution video/audio signal generation and HDMI analysis in a portable low-cost package with a color touch screen interface.

Sioux Falls, SD - SENCORE, a world leader in content delivery solutions, announces several major product enhancements to its popular MP500 MediaPro Handheld Generator and HDMI Analyzer.

The Sencore MP500 MediaPro Cable Test feature makes it easy to identify elusive problem cables and devices in an HDMI system by testing HDMI distribution signal paths for TMDS bit errors analyzing each line of an HDMI cable and sequencing through multiple signal resolutions using a pseudorandom noise test signal. When using pseudo-random noise from any Sencore VideoPro Generator (VP401 and above) through the HDMI distribution path to the MP500 HDMI input port, you can analyze and report the number of TMDS bit errors at points along the distribution system and determine if the source, cable, display or repeater is causing the problem. Different resolutions can be sourced from the generator to analyze bit errors by format.

While on a large job, where the equipment rack was about 50 feet from the projector our installer could not determine why there was no picture – he had already swapped the cable once and the set top box,  which was no easy task on this retrofit job. When the senior installer arrived with his MP500 he quickly determined that the powered repeater (HDMI booster) was defective and all other components were fine. This saved us hours of troubleshooting time and we were able to complete the job on time,” stated Dennis Erskine of the Erskine Group in Smyrna, GA.
The MP500’s HDMI audio generator has been expanded to include audio test signals needed to test multichannel HDMI audio systems, and provides the test patterns required for room acoustic measurement and analysis, including pink noise, impulse, polarity, sine waves and more. The test signals can be selected and applied to a single channel, all channels or sequenced to selected channels within a multichannel HDMI signal. The MP500 currently sources 5.1 and 6.1 multi-channel audio signals via HDMI.
The MP500 offers numerous unique static video patterns and a motion Zone Plate pattern for detecting video artifacts during high-end video installations. Custom test patterns (bitmaps) can be imported and a new set of ISF approved test patterns are now available for purchase.
“The new VideoQ ISF approved test patterns are extremely effective for advanced system troubleshooting and for manufacturing and lab testing and analysis. The ability to have them loaded on a reference generator like the MP500 is a first in our industry in a portable low cost device. This capability is normally only available in cost prohibitive bench and laboratory generators,” said Joel Silver, President, Imaging Science Foundation in Boca Raton, FL.
A variety of troubleshooting features are included to help with HDMI interface related problems. EDID and HDCP tests are provided to test an HDTV or a repeater's input port. A CEC check can be initiated to view the CEC devices in an HDMI system. The MP500 also includes an HDMI input port for emulating an HDMI sink (display) device. It enables testing of the audio and video of an HDMI source device, including video content protected with HDCP. The HDMI input is provisioned with an EDID to test a source's response.
The MP500's portability makes it ideal for lab bench, repair center and field troubleshooting applications. The color touch screen interface has been designed to optimize workflow through key applications. The MediaPro combines versatility with ease of use at an attractive price. For a complete list of features please visit
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