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Huntington Beach City School District Upgrades with Shure Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphones
Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

District Meeting Room Selects Shure Gear for Its Reliability, Aesthetic Appeal, and Superior Audio

Niles, IL, December 14, 2016—Comprised of nine esteemed schools, the Huntington Beach City Elementary School District (HBCSD) is a southern Calif. educational community with a long history of excellence in education. One of HBCSD’s schools—S.A. Moffett Elementary School—recently expressed the desire to upgrade the sound system in one of its auxiliary meeting rooms typically used for district meetings and other educational gatherings. Knowing the location of the installation would be temporary because a new district office was being constructed, it was vital that all components be installed in a manner that would enable the system to be easily deconstructed, moved, and reinstalled at the new location.

In terms of audio performance, the district wanted the room to have the look and feel of a “city council meeting room”—professional, aesthetically-pleasing equipment. They did not want the mics to be visible and needed a system that complemented the Q&A format and style that the district meetings usually take on. With this in mind, CEO, installer, and designer Ross Ricks of Surf City Sound chose to install Shure Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphones (MXA910) with SLX24/BETA58 handheld wireless microphones.

“When I learned that the HBCSD was seeking to upgrade their existing sound system in one of their meeting rooms, the desire and need for a professional quality, aesthetically-pleasing solution like Shure’s Microflex Advance was a clear choice,” said Ricks. “We selected Shure for its professional look, superior audio quality, and flexible integration.”

The meeting space they were working with included a U-shape configuration that faced an audience, ideal for Q&A sessions and open dialogue. With individuals in the front and rear portions of the room, MXA910 was able to capture sound sources from above for the board members with pristine accuracy. Boasting the ability to capture best-in-class audio from above the meeting space, Shure’s proprietary Steerable Coverage technology enabled Ricks and his team to create and configure the specific lobes (up to eight) for whatever seating position is in place. The audience took advantage of the clarity and reliability of the SLX series microphone with Beta58 capsule.

Another feature that stood out for this installation was the touchscreen controller that enabled meeting facilitators to silence (or mute) specific areas of the audience. The “privacy” button let moderators silence the MXA910 hosted above the meeting space where the main panelist/meeting attendees were seated. 

“In terms of setup and installation, the software configurations made the implementation of the system very straightforward,” said Ricks. “The simplicity of the touchscreen design and appearance allowed for ease-of-use and outstanding overall performance.”

To learn more about the Huntington Beach City Elementary School District, visit or contact Ross Ricks at 714-846-7060. For more information on Shure, go to