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Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morrilton, Arkansas - Sound-Craft Systems, Inc., recognizing the growing use of iPods for presentation, is now offering permanently mounted docking stations as an option on its lecterns and workstations.  Both basic and deluxe models are offered, allowing the user to select the model that best meets their intended application.


The basic I-Dock-B package includes a permanently installed docking station in a customer selected location, a remote control, docking adaptors, and a cable port for cable management.  With customer-supplied cables, it can easily be connected to a computer, stereo or powered speakers, or video and controlled with the supplied remote.  The I-DOCK-B is compatible with the iPhone, iPod video, iPod nano 3rd generation, iPod classic, and iPod touch.


The deluxe I-Dock-D audiophile docking station with buffered audio outputs and quasi-differential noise canceling provides optimal sound quality.  The supplied remote operates in the “simple” mode using the connected device’s display, or in the “advanced” mode using an attached TV as the display. The docking station includes gold-plated RCA audio outputs, composite and S-video outputs, and an RS232 output.  An input for the external power supply (included) is also provided.  Permanent factory mounting in the customer selected location, a cable port, dock adaptors, and power supply adaptors for use in either the UK or Europe completes the deluxe package.  The I-Dock-D is compatible with 4th generation iPods and upwards, including mini, nano, classic, iPhone, and iPod touch.