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Tripp Lite Wall Chargers Provide Powerful USB-C Charging in a Travel-Friendly Size
Posted on Thursday, June 25, 2020
Tripp Lite Wall Chargers Provide Powerful USB-C Charging in a Travel-Friendly Size

Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, offers a powerful way to charge mobile devices with travel-friendly USB-C wall chargers.

The new high-wattage chargers plug into a standard AC outlet and have a USB-C power delivery (PD) port for connection to a device charging cable. Models are available with 40W (U280-W01-40C1), 50W (U280-W01-50C1) and 60W (U280-W01-60C1-G) capacities for quickly charging the latest laptops and other power-hungry devices. The USB-C port automatically adjusts the charging power to a level appropriate for the device.

All of the new wall chargers feature gallium nitride (GaN) technology, which provides more power and more efficient charging in less space than USB-C chargers with silicon technology. Ideal for travel, the chargers are smaller and lighter than most standard power adapters that come with laptops. The plug folds into the housing for easy transport, adding convenience for anyone who carries a charger with them, including road warriors, students and vacationers.

“As more new devices feature a USB-C charging port, there is an increasing demand for USB-C chargers,” said David Posner, Director of Product Marketing, Connectivity. “Tripp Lite’s new wall chargers combine robust charging and a compact housing for fast, safe power delivery.”

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s USB-C High-Wattage Wall Chargers

  • Direct plug-in design is available in 40W, 50W and 60W capacities
  • Gallium nitride (GaN) technology allows powerful charging in a small form factor
  • Auto-sensing USB?C charging port accommodates the latest laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Chargers provide protection from overheating, overcurrent and overcharging
  • Plug folds into the housing for easy travel