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Switching Between Video Sources in a Classroom
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Switching Between Video Sources in a Classroom

Oct. 28, 2020 - From preschool to college, if you’re a teacher you know how precious time can be to present your learning content to students. Since most classrooms or lecture halls use a variety of video sources such as desktop computers, laptops, DVD players, and cable/satellite boxes to present content, your ability to easily switch between these devices to a single display can save valuable time.

The ability to switch between multiple video sources to a single display is crucial, but often times the display may be located across the room from your PC, laptop or other video source. This also presents a challenge when you need to display content over long distances. Not to mention, rearranging connections to the display can also be a time-consuming hassle in cluttered classrooms and lecture halls.

Your solution is an HDMI presentation switch. These switches are designed for classrooms and lecture halls where your display is located far away from your computer, laptop, DVD player other video source, and you need to be able to switch between them to display different content.

Top Benefits of an HDMI Switch with Extender Kit:

  • Easy switching between multiple video sources for viewing on an HDMI display
  • Outstanding image quality up to 4K
  • A single cable can extend the video signal across the room over long distances
  • No need to rearrange complicated connections to PCs, laptops and other video sources
  • Easy installation and user-friendly switching saves time