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Collaborate with Customers, Colleagues, Students and Patients Remotely with an Interactive Display
Posted on Friday, December 25, 2020
Collaborate with Customers, Colleagues, Students and Patients Remotely with an Interactive Display

Dec. 25, 2020 - Are you frustrated trying to effectively communicate with your customers, students, patients and colleagues remotely? Unless you are all looking at the same screen, it’s hard to share files, collaborate and interact with each other without losing track of presentation content. If this sounds like your current situation, a mobile interactive touchscreen display is the perfect solution.

Mobile interactive displays feature a webcam and wireless capability to connect local and remote persons in corporate, education, healthcare, commercial, hospitality, retail and government settings. These touchscreen displays enable dynamic presentations and encourage group collaboration and communication in everything from brainstorming sessions to distance learning.

In addition, mobile displays can be rolled wherever needed and can operate on battery power. This gives you the freedom to collaborate with customers, colleagues, students and patients virtually anywhere.

Here are 8 great benefits of mobile interactive displays:

  • Connect local and remote teams with interactive video conferencing
  • Boost productivity with remote screen sharing
  • Increase engagement and creativity during brainstorming sessions
  • Conduct business meetings with external clients
  • Maintain continuity during work-from-home implementations
  • Facilitate student participation during distance learning
  • Share resources between conference rooms, classrooms and huddle spaces
  • Gather in improvised meeting areas that lack wall outlets

Let’s look at some key features that mobile interactive displays offer:

Dynamic Interactivity

  • Touchscreen technology provides a low-latency, ultra-fast response using your fingers or included stylus pens.
  • The touchscreen also detects up to 20 simultaneous touch points to accommodate multiple users.

Audiovisual Supremacy

  • 4K flat-panel display and a built-in 40-watt speaker system provides the ultimate remote content experience.

Collaborative Communication

  • Wireless networking allows anyone to participate in meetings and presentations from any location.
  • Detachable HD webcam with wide-angle view captures the entire meeting area.
  • Remote screen sharing capability increases opportunities for audience engagement.

Effortless Mobility

  • Swivel casters provide smooth rolling for easy resource sharing; locks keep the stand in position while at rest.
  • An included lithium-ion battery system supports use without plugging into a wall outlet, providing placement flexibility.

It’s hard to imagine a better all-in-one presentation platform solution that provides remote collaboration and communication from virtually anywhere.