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Portable Power Bank Charges an Apple Watch Without a Cable
Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Portable Power Bank Charges an Apple Watch Without a Cable

New Charger Powers Apple Watch and Two Additional Devices

Chicago, IL (September 28, 2021)—Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, offers a portable, convenient way for Apple Watch users to keep their wearable device and other mobile electronics charged when an AC outlet is not available.

Tripp Lite’s newest portable power bank has a 5200mAh-capacity lithium-ion battery to charge mobile devices. It features a built-in magnetic charging surface for an Apple Watch, eliminating the need for the watch’s specialized charging cable. The power bank also has a USB-A port and a built-in Lightning cable, which each provide up to 12 watts of power for charging a tablet, smartphone or other small device. The Lightning cable folds into the power bank for storage.

Multiple Apple, Android or Windows devices can be charged simultaneously up to a total output of 12 watts. There is a power button for on/off control of charging. LEDs indicate the power bank’s battery level at a glance. When the battery gets depleted, the power bank can be charged via its Lightning port and a user-supplied cable.

"Wearables like the Apple Watch typically require daily charging," said David Posner, Tripp Lite’s Vice President, Connectivity and Peripherals. "The built-in wireless charging surface on Tripp Lite’s newest power bank makes it much easier to charge an Apple Watch when an AC outlet is unavailable or the charging cable has been misplaced. Its compact size and the ability to charge other devices make this power bank a versatile charging solution."

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s Power Bank with Apple Watch Charger

  • 5200mAh-capacity lithium-ion battery charges an Apple Watch and small mobile devices
  • Compact, lightweight charger easily fits in a purse, pocket or backpack
  • Built-in magnetic charging surface is made for an Apple Watch
  • USB-A port and Lightning cable provide other charging options
  • Charger protects against short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and over-discharge