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The Hunter Concert Breeze Fan Sound System With Soundolier Technologies Now Shipping
Posted on Monday, November 2, 2009
The Hunter Concert Breeze Fan Sound System With Soundolier Technologies Now Shipping


Memphis, Tenn. The battle to create a better audio experience while avoiding bulky speakers and unsightly wires that clutter spaces is finally over. HunterÒ, the company known for developing innovative solutions that make indoor air more comfortable, has the answer—and it rocks.
The Hunter® Concert Breezeä Fan & Sound System with Soundolier® Integrated Wireless Technologies is the world’s first and only ceiling fan sound system, blending the cool comfort of moving air with the beauty of rich audio. This innovative product is now shipping as a single solution for audio, lighting, and air circulation in commercial and residential installations.
“This is a historic product introduction—there’s no other way to put it,” says Brendan Byrne, Senior Vice President of ceiling fans for Hunter. “Until recently, listening to your music and movies in any given room involved large speakers cluttering your lifestyle or expensive installations cutting into your walls. And it was still very difficult to position them for great sound.”
Not the case with Hunter’s Concert Breeze sound system.
On the surface, this seemingly simple ceiling fan displays the design and superior aesthetics found in traditional Hunter models, but hidden inside the fan’s light is a high-quality audio component that quickly turns this quiet home comfort product into an exploration of sound.
According to Byrne, the ceiling fan’s central location in the room naturally makes for a more premium sound. “The location of the speakers can greatly affect the audio quality depending on your position in the room,” he says. “With the ceiling fan, the speaker is optimally located in the center of the room. The music literally showers over everyone in the room.” 
Echoing the sentiment that the Concert Breeze is a unique, one-of-a-kind solution to a common audio problem is Paul Schleipfer, Marketing Manager for Soundolier. Soundolier is the wireless audio division of the Mitek Electronics and Communications Group, a leading audio manufacturer of commercial and consumer electronics for over 35 years.  
“When distributing sound, audio coming from overhead has an all-encompassing effect that fills a room more naturally” says Schleipfer. “It’s the reason airports, restaurants and other public buildings place speakers in the ceiling. However, with custom built speakers in the ceiling the challenge is incorporating them with lighting, electrical, and of course ceiling fans. When a speaker is placed above the fan, it creates a strobing effect and destroys audio clarity. With the high quality speaker system and light housed beneath the fan in a single powered unit, the Concert Breeze blends in seamlessly with its environment and exceeds expectations in design, décor, ease of installation, use, and sound quality.”
To accomplish this, the Concert Breeze utilizes a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless audio system. Without the hassle and expense of running wires, the Concert Breeze receives full range digital quality audio from any source, up to an impressive 300 feet away. Simply connect a Soundolier Maestro wireless transmitter at any audio source – TV, mp3 player, etc. – through speaker level or 3.5mm input jack and send stereo summed DSP audio to the Concert Breeze. Four selectable stereo signal channels virtually eliminate interference and one transmitter can send the signal to an unlimited number of receiver devices within the signal range.   
And to ensure things stay on the ‘cool’ side, the system’s hand-held credit-card–style wireless remote is a sleek addition to any technology seeker’s desire to control the room’s mood—both through sound volume and light brightness level.
The Hunter Concert Breezeä System is available in two options: an indoor rated model available in brushed nickel with dark cherry blades and an indoor-outdoor model with bronze finish for covered porches, patio seating, or sunrooms.
“We are very excited for the Concert Breeze as it is a great fit in retail, office, and restaurant applications as well as its residential and consumer uses,” continues Schleipfer. “Combining wireless audio with the added benefit of offering a top of the line, reliable Hunter Fan creates a system design option that has not been experienced here before. The ease of installation, performance, security, and flexibility it offers are just some of the areas that make the Concert Breeze ideal for numerous commercial audio installations.”  
The Hunter Concert Breeze System is available now. In addition to Hunter Fans offering the Concert Breeze through their existing retail and distribution channels including home improvement and lighting stores, authorized Soundolier and Atlas Sound customers are qualified to carry the Concert Breeze in their commercial audio and communication channels.. For more information about Concert BreezeÔ Fan & Sound System, contact your local Atlas representative, visit, or call 800-876-3333. For information on other Hunter products, call 1-888-918-4326.