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Posted on Friday, January 1, 2010

The end of October brought A-Line and many other state of the art production related companies to an Expo, in Charlotte, NC. Continuing on our path to helping worship facilities achieve great sound with an elegant look, we unveiled our EMMA Solutions Custom Curve to the church community.

Along with a booth highlighting other A-Line products, such as Eli and the EZAL rigging system, we utilized the beautiful First Baptist Church of Charlotte as a demonstration area for seven separate systems. Demonstration attendees were able to see and hear the products at work in a living, breathing worship facility. Further enhancing the experience were musicians Sabra Callas and Phil Papotnik, who showed off the systems’ capabilities with live acoustic guitar, saxophone and vocals performances. We believe it’s critical that anyone considering a purchase hear not only prerecorded tracks, but precisely what they will be mixing through the system.

At the center of the seven systems was a flown EMMA Solutions Custom Curve. With demo flyers proclaiming it "The Most Elegant Look In Sound," the EMMA Solutions Custom Curve brings the same components and great sound of the EMMA Solutions systems into a speaker that is customized in size, shape and color for YOUR worship facility. Often, it’s not feasible to hide speakers in pillars and facades. With the spectacular looking EMMA Solutions Custom curve, the need for disguise is eliminated.

A-Line spent the demonstration times with various production company owners, audio consultants, and installers, most of whom brought iPods and CDs with their personal test tracks to hear on the different systems. It was a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on some of the different products that A-Line offers.

For a company that understands how potential customers need to hear and touch the product, A-Line truly believes in the value of the demonstration. If you missed it, contact A-Line for a live demonstration. They present periodic regional demonstrations, as well as keep in close contact with dealers and past customers around the country who are using various A-Line products for different events. Let us know where you are and we'll find an A-Line event or venue for you.