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New EcoSystem™ H-Series LED Drivers from Lutron Electronics Bring Smooth, Flicker-Free Dimming with a Soft-On and Fade-to-Black to LED Fixtures
Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Lauded for bringing an incandescent-like dimming experience to LEDs, the EcoSystem™ H-Series LED Drivers illuminate the beauty of Lutron dimming. 

Coopersburg, PA (March 10, 2015) – Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving wireless lighting and shade control, today launched the EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers – a new line of LED drivers that features smooth, flicker-free dimming to 1% with a soft fade-on and smooth fade-to-black, bringing an incandescent-like experience to LEDs. With models available for LED troffers and linear lighting up to 75W and downlights up to 40W, the EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers are ideal for any commercial space – from offices, conference rooms, auditoriums and classrooms to restaurants and hospitality. 

LED lighting is rapidly becoming the default option for new construction and major renovation due to its energy efficiency; however, many installations still struggle with inconsistent performance. Whether it’s dealing with LED flicker, control compatibility issues or abrupt turn-on or -off, many building occupants expect to have the same lighting control and dimming experience with their LEDs as they had with incandescent lighting. 

With EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers, customers get incandescent-like performance with soft-on and fade-to-black for troffers and linears. Digital controls filter out any electrical noise, guaranteeing smooth, continuous and stable dimming down to 1%. By meeting NEMA inrush standards, EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers eliminate false breaker tripping. This combination of performance and stability with digital control is unlike any other LED drivers on the market. 

With list prices starting at $89, the EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers are an addition to the Lutron EcoSystem lighting control platform, which is comprised of digitally addressable LED drivers, dimming fluorescent ballasts, controls and environmental sensors. Together, these components can provide businesses with lighting energy savings of up to 60% while increasing space flexibility, improving occupant comfort and productivity and reducing maintenance costs. 

The new EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers also benefit from Lutron EcoSystem technology’s precise individual fixture control and design flexibility that will meet the needs of any LED application. Lutron works with all fixture manufacturers to ensure this dimming experience is available in multiple fixture brands to provide dimming solutions for all fixtures in the space. For a comprehensive list of fixtures available with Lutron LED drivers, visit 

Adding Lutron LED drivers to an EcoSystem network ensures compatibility of the LED lighting with Lutron controls and sensors. 

“The EcoSystem H-Series family of LED Drivers combines Lutron’s storied passion for dimming excellence with our proven leadership in guaranteeing the performance of our LED drivers and LED control technology,” said Brendon VanCampen, Sales Director, Ballasts & LED Drivers at Lutron Electronics. “Specifiers, contractors and end-users demand more from today’s LED lighting and controls – incandescent-like performance and energy savings with the quality, reliability, compatibility and service and support they have come to expect from Lutron. The Ecosystem H-series delivers all that and more.”