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Lutron Electronics Expands its Embedded EcoSystem™ Technology Program, Bringing Intelligent Digital LED Control Compatibility to Select GE Lighting Fi
Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Guaranteed EcoSystem compatibility is integrated directly into GE Lighting fixtures and future Xicato modules without the need for additional interfaces. 

Coopersburg, PA (May 5, 2015) – Lutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving wireless lighting and shade control, today expanded its embedded EcoSystem technology – offering lighting designers, specifiers and end-users a wider variety of products that are guaranteed to be compatible with its popular EcoSystem commercial lighting control platform. The new GE Lumination™ LED Recessed Architectural Luminaires and a new XIM LED module in development from Xicato will feature integrated EcoSystem compatibility, bringing the energy-saving and design-flexibility benefits of intelligent digital LED fixture control to more applications than ever before. 

Control compatibility is one of the greatest frustrations for LED lighting specifiers. By embedding EcoSystem technology directly into the GE Lumination™ LED Recessed Architectural Luminaires and the new XIM LED module from Xicato, specifiers gain the peace of mind knowing these products will work with all EcoSystem control solutions and will be backed by Lutron’s reputation for quality, innovation and support. 

“Embedding Lutron’s EcoSystem technology into our new BV Series of GE Lumination™ LED Recessed Architectural Luminaires will bring our customers an integrated LED control solution they can not only rely on, but also one that will empower them to take full advantage of all of the energy-saving and flexibility benefits that EcoSystem has to offer,” said Andy Albrecht, Product Manager, GE Lighting. 

“Without embedding Lutron’s EcoSystem technology directly into a compact LED module, it is difficult to offer EcoSystem compatibility for fixtures with small apertures, due to the need for a separate dimming driver,” said John Yriberri, Vice-President of Business Development at Xicato. “We are excited to be working with Lutron on a development to embed EcoSystem technology directly onto our XIM LED module. Specifiers and lighting manufacturers not only will have access to EcoSystem dimming control and Xicato light quality in all of their fixtures, but they also will be doing so with the XIM LED module that already has a multitude of additional features such as thermal and electrical self-protection.” 

The EcoSystem commercial lighting control platform makes it easy to digitally assign occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, time clocks, manual controls and other controls to one or many fixtures without complicated wiring. This opens up an entire suite of energy-saving, system-monitoring and system-control schemes where the design and setup are all done within the software, making the installation simple and enabling the fixture and controls to communicate directly with each other for instant and seamless interoperability. 

“Adding GE Lighting and Xicato to our growing list of embedded EcoSystem alliances allows us to deliver a simple and reliable LED dimming solution to more customers and more applications every day,” said Mark Jenner, New Business Development Director at Lutron Electronics. “As the global leader in lighting control technology, our embedded EcoSystem program continues to provide our customers with broader solutions to easily enable dimmable LED technology in all of their projects. Integration with GE Lighting and Xicato further enhances Lutron’s ability to offer world-class LED dimming solutions.” 

All embedded EcoSystem products, as well as products available with EcoSystem-compatible Lutron LED drivers, can be found on Lutron’s High Performance Fixture List